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1312 12/01/03

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BH3 In Training

C5 definitely went . No idea who else did. Apparently, the run back from Pangbourne was glorious.

Firstly an apology that there was no Gobsheet last week reporting on the Hash at The Fox, Cane End. A certain member of BH3 had offered to fill in for me but failed to make it on the day. I shall name no names and point no finger. Suffice to say that the person involved is a right wally… My grateful thanks to Lonely, Beaver and Judith for helping to lay the trail after Hotlegs decided that rowing was a tad more important (the sod). We had a wonderfully bright and cold Saturday afternoon in which to lay the flour and you lot had an even better Sunday morning in which to run round it. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Now you’ll notice from this Gobsheet a paucity of names in the list of attendees at Spot’s train Hash. And if you scan to the Down Downs section to chuck your bucket down the well of information it will come up dry as a bone. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to the Hash, which was a great shame as I’d been looking forward to going. What was I doing instead that was so important? Looking after guests, clearing up the mess and tending to a minor hangover from the night before. As most of you know we had had an absolutely banging, whackdoodle, fizzbusting, horrorshow birthday party that had been organised secretly and skilfully by young Mrs. Hashgate and her friend Ann and assisted even more sneakily by Florence and Zebedee on the Hash invitation side of things. It was a brilliant surprise made all the more enjoyable by the number of pints I had already supped at the pub down the road. Those of you who went will have seen some stunning dance footwork by the Blobbies, Septic and Dumper with Cloggs and Zebedee clogging and bouncing about all over the place. Motox grooved languidly with all the gay (old meaning) abandon of a ‘Dancing Queen’ (new meaning). There were times when I wasn’t sure whether people were having seizures or had overdosed on speed. Of course, this being BH3 it was largely a case of “Omigod! I’ve put me back out!” and too much Wincarnis. It was great to see you all having such a good time and I want to thank everyone who gave me an individual birthday present – it’s odd how they nearly all were booze or had something to do with booze! The biggest and best surprise present came when we staggered home. I unwrapped the BH3 package to find you had kindly given me Zebedee’s shiggy-encrusted, worn down old running shoes! While we were all p***ing ourselves laughing Motormouth opened the other little envelope. “Dad!” He squeaked. “Look what they’ve given you!” And he waved a fistful of Sweatshop vouchers at me. BH3, you are truly generous, good-hearted, fun people and I am proud to know you. Thankyou very, very much.

Normal service will be resumed next week. Until then. On On. Hashgate.

Down Downs

Absolutely no idea. I’m sure they all drank swiftly, and with style. Well done to everyone.

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