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1326 21/04/03

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King Charles Head
Goring Heath


Baldrick, Florence & Zebedee

The Hatted: Baldrick, Potty (in a David Shilling Hat), Florence, Old Fart, Phil, BGB, Flash, Emma, TT1, and many others too numerous to name!

The Hatless: Whinge & bike, Hamlet, Dumper, C5, Butterfly, Honeymonster, Foghorn, Cerebus, Mick, Whiplash, Salome, Jenks, GBH, Spot, Party Animal and many others too numerous to name!

After the usual, nay mandatory, instructions from the Hairs we set off. Before this though the pack had been told that at each “hot cross bun” check to look out for Easter Bunnies, of the chocolate type unfortunately. Whether these actually existed is open to question as your scribe never managed to set eyes upon one.

We started, as we always do, from the pub turning right and directly into the woods. “Uh Ha” says I, “the usual run!” I was not to be disappointed. The woods were carpeted in the greenest grass of the most amazing hue. I’m sure the Hairs had painted it.

The short cutters hung around the 1st check waiting for those daft enough to be “real” runners to find the trail. No problem, Mr Blobby doubled back across the green and shouted “that way for the short cutters”” and pointed in the opposite direction to where the ON ON was being called, (never mind!). Paddy led the way, dragging Madam Butterfly off at a fantastic pace with the pack et al following at a more sedate pace, led by The Wednesday Whingers, all glad they were not at the end of his lead!

We were treated to the sound of Concorde and many an eye turned heavenward and thought how much longer will we still be able to see and hear that magnificent being.

Suddenly we were upon the first “hot cross bun” check. A minor melee followed but nary a sign of chocolate, at least to me!

In the following excitement, Part Animal tripped over, luckily there was no damage to the footpath.

Our erstwhile GM, Whiplash and Salome were seen sitting on a bench and being haranged by Spot, no good came of this, however.

I was somewhat disturbed to see that Florence, a Hair, was perusing her map! “Are we lost “I asked, “I’m not sure” came the reply. Oh Dear.

Potty was spotted helping Paddy over a stile, he did this with style.

As we ran on through the woods I spotted a sign which said “please don’t through stones at this notice” or some other less than helpful. By this time the pack had split into the walkers and the runners. Naturally your scribe wanted to join the runners but by some unfortunate chance the incorrect, that is short trail, was selected, what a shame.

We came across a dog that, I kid you not, was as big as a pony and so fierce that even I with my vast experience of running away was petrified with fear. My bravery came to the rescue though as I stoutly defended al the Harriets from this unwanted peril.

Eventually we came to the “horseyculture” part of the trail. Some very fine looking horses were then seen to be threatening to jump over the fences to join us. Fortunately they did not succeed in their adventure.

Finally the “On Inn” was spied and A very pleasant run in glorious countryside was over.

Well done to the Hairs for providing a superb venue, a magnificent, (ie not too long!) run and fine weather.

On On. Dribbler.

Down Downs



Style points


The Best Hat

It covered her mouth like a scold’s mask!


Showing Motox a chocolate bunny which he promptly ate!

Well done


Serious short cutting

Drunk like a master, (well trained by Dribbler)


100 runs, well the tankard was found anyway!

Usual fine effort from this experienced man



Water only, poured over RA

Baldrick, Florence & Zebedee


Baldrick “between by a woman”

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5th May

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