Berkshire Hash Gob Sheet

Run Number 1350 05.10.2003 Visit the Website

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Venue: The Red Lion

Peppard Common

Hares Squirrel + Walking Stick

Peter The Landlord + Dulux The dog.

The fighting fit:- C5 Honeymonster Foghorn Septic Dumper Uptake Caroline Le Voisin Iceman John Barr-Non Hey Babe Hitchhiker Spot Hashgate Pissquick Jenny Ha-Ha Party Animal Miss Whiplash Cheryl Bobble Motocross Premature Bomber Posh Tart Baldrick Big Girls Blouse

The late comers Cloggs Non-stick Very late comers Slow sucker Matt-finish & Tree Top and Twiggy, having come from N.Z. better late than never.

The hash called to gather round by Foghorn, slowly assembled, with respect to Squirrel and his walking stick, he is the only Hare on duty. He apologies that Kitten wasn’t or wouldn’t help and Jenk’s was away for the weekend.

We on outed across the common to the first check, which was an excellent example of the checks to come. Party Animal headed downhill, Uptake headed for the woods and Premature headed to the scrub land. Bomber, Hashgate, Motocross made to look busy, while the rest of the pack congregated, agreeing it was a lovely bright sunny day with a keen wind, ideal for hashing if only the front runners would hurry up. On On was eventually called across the main road towards the Church and the next check, which had five options, allowing time for some to have further discussions.

Party Animal headed down a footpath to the left, as I am scribe for the day I follow, as I feel duty bound to report all hash activity as well as lack of it. We eventually get called back by Iceman who has found an “F” in the 2Ft long grass, which looks more like double crows dropping than a Hash symbol. The Hash is now under way with lovely open countryside. , Miss Whiplash Hitchhiker Cheryl-bobble (her with the hat on, what will she be wearing in the winter?) comment that Hashgate looks denuded, it’s the first time they’ve seen him on the hash without a working tool in his hand.

At this point we’re joined by Slowsucker and Matt-finish, this is no surprise as Slowsucker is determined to improve on Zebedee’s dilatory time keeping. It was good to see Matt-finish back hashing again having recovered from a broken ankle.

The next check was the best, outside a farmhouse with more options than Motocross in his dreams, the pack regrouped, while front runners, including me Dumper, checked every which way, stupidly I followed Party Animal again, three blobs we found but never the fourth or an “F”. Squirrel had fooled the whole pack, as the trail did a sharp left, the other side of the farmhouse.

Across fields and into the woods where surprise, surprise, Squirrel our Hare was awaiting, looking cool calm and relaxed, not surprising as his car wasn’t too far away. He was accepting bribes, only from harriettes, pointing out the unmarked short cut, Cheryl-bobble Miss Whiplash Hitchhiker Jenny Ha-Ha were the only ones willing to pay the price! Did they get grope group discount? They cut across the Golf course while the pack did the outside, when the short and long eventually met it was not too long before we came to the

Obviously laid from the driving seat of said car. Whatever, the result was an excellent Hash, the pack being kept well together, good hashing territory and a cunningly crafted trail, and a welcoming Landlord who was willing to Down Down his own excellent Bitter, and help lay the trail, thanks Squirrel and Landlord.

RA SPOT presented the following DOWN DOWNS.

Name Reason Style points

SEPTIC Accusing Dumper of short cutting as he got back before her. 2 points Dainty sip and disappears from circle.

CLOGGS White Cami knickers deemed not suitable for a nearly young lady to Hash in.

Orange juice down-down!!! No wonder she forgot to put her shorts on. 4 points.

PARTY ANIMAL Unable to count, and calling ON ON. 6 points


PETER THE LANDLORD “I drink Stella normally” 7 points

Receding Hairline.

19 Oct Number 1352 Grid ref. 969649 Chobham Common Cheating + suckers.

ONTO Four horseshoes GR 970630

26 Oct Number 1353 Grid ref. 742792 Binfield Heath Hey Babe Barr-non

Bottle & Glass Party Animal


Autumn Country Walk Saturday 25th October 3pm Calleva Arms Silchester GR628621

For further details see MOTOCROSS.

Invitation from Tree Top & Twiggy. Geriatrix 1000th Run 13/14/15 Feb. 2004. Port Nicholson, Wellington, N.Z.