Berkshire Hash House Harriers

Run Number 1372

Venue The Fox and Hounds, Theale

Hares Motox & Foghorn

Hashing at the North Pole

The Arctic Explorers

BGB, Foghorn, Motox, Wally, Spot, Iceman, Gusset, Nutty, Tremblers,Dumper, Septic, Mr & Mrs Blobby, Chopstix, Dutch Cap,Caboose,Lemming, Mother, Specs, Mr Specs,Gutbucket,Honeymonster, Old Dog (Jennie), Lonely, Judith, Beaver, Hamlet, C5, Hey Babe, Cum in a Car,Uplift, Nonstick, Baldrick, Flash, Pissquick.

Well that was certainly how it felt. A Hash to become a legend in Hash History right up there with other such great runs catalogued in Hash Archives under “Top 10 Berkshire Hashes over Three Decades” . The Theale Blizzard Run will be mentioned in the same breath as other great trails such as those laid regularly over the years from the Round Oak. Incidentally I hear a rumour there is also a publication revealing the “Worst ever trails laid in Hash History” .Wally may have more information on this.

The Hash started badly when it transpired the dictaphone had gone missing. Routine enquiries had elicited no hard information. Door to Door calling on various usual suspects had drawn a blank.. A full scale enquiry taking place in the car park came to a sudden end when BGB casually announced he had it but had left it at home. Guess who got the job this the job this week?. The GM offered pen and paper to take round with me but I wasn’t keen on this and it proved to be a sensible choice.

Motox had persuaded Mrs Blobby, normally only a Monday night runner that she should make the effort for his trail on the grounds that (a) it wasn’t too far away for her (true) and (b) It was going to be a lovely spring morning for a run (untrue). Is Motox now to renamed Michael Fish?

Anyway what about the run? Have to admit all a bit of a blur!! This was due to ;

  1. No dictaphone (sse above)

  1. A tricky trail which sometimes left me adrift from the main pack. ( Actually this seems to happen most weeks)

  2. Extreme weather conditions causing publication of the gob sheet to become fairly insignificant compared with staying alive.

  3. Quite a few Fair weather Hashers turning back to run for home so I am unable to comment on their particular Hash.

From the Car Park the Hares seemed most concerned to point the way out. Unusual for Hares as unthinking as these, so perhaps we should have had an inkling that we would run in a wide circle around the pub and eventually take off in the opposite direction. Much milling around at the start in bright sunshine. Trail was found eventually but having checked out a false I was now well at the back with Spot. Was struggling to keep up with him but then this is a man regularly running the Bashes!!

Apparently he is laying two trails in the next few weeks for us, so lets hope he doesn’t get confused between a Hash trail and a Bike Bash!!

Caught up with Uplift who tells me she is out running every night of the week!. Noticed Wally wittering on as usual to one or two hashers towards the back of the pack. Perhaps this is why Uplift wants to get fitter so that she can run at the front well away from him.

The trail was proving hard to find but who cared - it was a nice day. Fortune took a hand as I spotted Baldrick standing in the distance looking pleased with himself. He had run over an F and found more flour the other side. Not sure I totally approved but we set off down the path well ahead of the rest of the pack. If we had looked up we might have noticed black clouds on the horizon but we didn’t !!

Dutch cap took great exception to Motox suggesting that they should break into a gentle jog just to avoid getting too far away from the pack. His cajoling had no noticeable effect. I hear he is going to use a big stick next time.

We eventually came out onto the road just 200 yards away from the Pub and after running a false with Mr Blobby ran along the Canal disturbing the fishermen whose idea of a Sunday morning is rather more relaxing. The Sun seemed to have disappeared but no worries, only a cloud was passing by.

I remember entering a field and then a wood and when we emerged onto the road we seemed to be in a different environment. A cold wind was blowing , the temperature had dropped and we were conscious of being stung by minute ice crystals. Yep, a full scale blizzard was on the way. The main pack joined the shortcutters under a large tree. The Hares weren’t of much assistance merely telling us to get a move and it wasn’t as bad as it looked! Several wimps decided to turn back because of the conditions. I won’t name them they know who they are!!. Has this ever happened before on the Hash? Don’t think so. I believe once Wally lost half the pack never to be seen again but that is not quite the same ( oh dear see who the Hare is next week).

I think it was Captain Oats who “I am going out now, I may be some time” I know how he felt as I left the shelter provided by the large tree and ventured into the elements. The Hares were wrong it was worse!

At one point I spotted a figure with hailstones and sleet all over him. Thought he was an iceman for a moment. Realised then it was Iceman who seemed quite at home in the conditions. Well all I could do was put my head down and try and survive until it blew itself out as did the rest of the pack. Not a lot to report for the next 20 minutes but then suddenly the sun was out, spirits rose as did the temperature and we could start to enjoy the experience. Some (Mr Trembler, Spot, Lonely and Iceman) even decided the extra loop for the long long trail should be attempted and off they!

It was then a gentle walk home with Mr Blobby as we both were injured .

Down Downs

I think the RA was Spot?

Name Reason Style Points

Gusset Hmmmm? Not bad for a girl

Hamlet Goodness Knows Always stylish

BGB Limping with a pulled muscle As good as it gets

A.N. Other? Can’t remember ?

Motox & Foghorn Hares Both without effort

Up and Coming

Run Number Date Grid Reference Venue Hares

1373 14/03/04 920623 Lightwater Country Park Wally

(oh dear)

1374 21/03/04 552731 Pot Kiln, Frilsham Spot