Run No. 1373

Joint Berkshire Hash House Harriers & SODOFF HASH

The Sunday started well with a sun filled journey but then it all started to go wrong. Firstly the hares were Thrush the Fantastic and Captain Chaos who thought he was on a BASH. Then someone broke the recorder

So here we go from memory.


A lot of hashers were there but none were bare. It started to rain and it was a pain. The group was small but some were tall with the rest being small. The hills went up but some went down


We ran over a field and among some trees, up a steep hill that most found a breeze. Down the hill we then hopped with brows being mopped. Up another hill we then did go with some of the pack beginning to glow. The regroup saw the hares take a splashing and that is what makes hashing! Captain Chaos’ wheel spins were a sight to see unfortunate for him on a hash not a bash he be. We hit the on-in on the way out and started to wonder what it was all about. After an hour of running around we came across on the ground what we had earlier found and we new we were homeward bound. All was over and a good trail had been laid, enjoyed by all with every 50p being paid.

Down Downs courtesy of some old shit. (Think about it)

Some old git with a hearing aid for some reason – Expertly done

Some old posh tart – Poshly done

Some old sheep shagger – Not so skillfully done

The hares for a great trail covering a small area in a large area


Who wrote this gob sheet we have no idea – if you know who it is then buy them a beer!

Forthcoming runs:

28 March

Who knows where!

Air Ambulance Day for Charity

Smashee & Nicee aka Foghorn it’s charity mate!

5 April


The Wellington Pamber End

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