Run No: 1378 The Spotted Dog, Cold Ash

19 April 2004 Hares Nutcracker & Potty

Marathon Runners:- Anorak, Baldrick, BGB, Blowjob, C5, Chopstix, Centaur, Cerberus, Dumper, Fiddler, Flo, Foghorn, Glittertits, Hamlet, Hashgate, Honeymonster, Iceman, Lonely, Motocross, Old Fart, Premature, Dwight, Septic, Slowsucker, Spex, Spot, Tin Opener, Train Spotter, Uplift, Whinge, Louise Cook, Simon Cook, Linda Green, (Bob Hamer, Marsaday), Puppy, Vicky Jordan, Iain Adams, Motor Mouth, John Son of Flash, Tarmac Cuddler, Steve Lee, DPW, Dave Knight, Icarus, Half Marathon Runners:- Bin Bag, Flash, Hitchiker Miss Whiplash, Mrs Blobby, PissQuick, Salome, Utopia, Poison Chalice, Squelchy. Gusset,

Late comers:- Rob Roy, Bumble Bee, Posh, Bomber.

Sixty two Hashers turned up for this the second Hash of the Summer. The Hares had been persuaded that they needed help sweeping up, Binbag, and Squelchy volunteered and Gusset said she would do the front!!!

The pack on outed up the usual track, and everybody apart from Slowsucker turned left at the check and then right at the next check. This led us onto a long path into the woods and our first site of a Water Station, by now the Elite group had disappeard, and as we entered further into the woods Water Stations came at regular intervals, a regroup gave an excellent opportunity to meet those who hadn’t seen each other for at least half an hour, Slowsucker included. Gusset taking her role of co-opted Hare seriously, then gave the pack Long and Short directions. The long trail turned left and into a field, had it been the London Marathon it would have been carpeted! Having crossed this ankle twisting field we headed in the general direction of the A4, which was downhill, this encouraged the pack to greater efforts and the A4 was soon reached, turning right at the check and right again we then did a winding tarmac road back to where we had started from, Ha Ha. We then took a left to join the Short Trail towards the “ON INN.”

N.B. Well done Linda Green who did do the London Marathon as well!

Although a fast trail, the Hares had got everybody back before dusk, which is not as easy to do as some would think! Well done Hares.


C5, was the nominated R.A. for the evening, and started by saying the reason for the high turnout this evening, was because of last weeks superbly crafted, first Hash of the summer. I reluctantly had to agree!

Hitch Hiker. Sending Email saying, “How much she had enjoyed last weeks walk! Style------- Most lady like.

Piss Quick for encouraging Foghorn to handle her bottom.

Glittertits her husband for saying he’d need both hands. Only someone metrically challenged would say that. Note Foghorn didn’t get a Down Down, two treats a night is one to many!

Style PQ—her half disappered nearly as quick as GT’s pint.

Icarus, first run with BH3, previously Nassau H3 poor chap.

Style ----------------- Obviously a Hasher.

Baldrick, Hamlet, for short cutting the only bit of woodland down at the A4, and choosing Tarmac, at which point Tarmac Cuddler was invited to join them and share one pint and three straws.

Style-----Hamlet misbehaved with his straw. The others just sucked.

Florence, I can’t remember why. Style-------- as good as ever!

The Hares, Potty and Nutcracker, considering that Potty is just out of Hospital having had knee surgery and Nutcracker had a back operation eight months ago (what do they get up to?) They did well, particularly with the choice of Pub, good selection of beers and liked being busy!!!!

Next Hash. 3 May The Forresters Bracknell.

2Bob & Puddleduck. 902689 START TIME 7.30pm

On On Dumper.