Run Number:

1381 10/5/04

How many donuts can I eat before Dutch Cap comes back?




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The Bell & Bottleg

TThe Iceman  The Iceman



The Iceman














Pissquick Ms. Whiplash Salome Spotless HitchHiker Lynda Lou BGB SlowSucker Cheating Florence Uptake Spex, Angie, Mr & Mrs Blobby Dutch Cap, Dunkin Donut Jackie Septic Cloggs Lucy 1st Mate(Jackie) Julia Sian(pronounced Sharn) Cloggs Potty Nippon Tuck Bev (Blowjob)

Hangers ON ON

Glittertits, Iceman,  Honey Monster,  C5, , Wally, Bob, Old Fart, Hash Gate, Max,  XX, Dazz,  Florence, ,Itsyor Simple Foghorn Centaur Slackbladder, Crapper Pete & Robert Trembler Noneyet Le Voisin Cabin Boy Puppy Head Boy Canoeist Tim Dan Lonely Marsaday Icarus Anorak 10Bob Hash Gate Hey Babe Comeinacar Nutty Phil Mark

Seeing how poor the gobsheet -  not the trail was last week, your old scribe(enough of that Methusula nonsense thank you) has

returned for one week to give it to you like it was.(not like that incomprehensible drivel from Wally).

Iceman kindly explained the hash rules to all newcomers including virgins Phil, Julia and Lucy(nice to see some!?) and we were off down the first of many svelte roads to a housing estate.

I had an interesting discussion with Potty about our through the keyhole knee surgery and for once his better half Nutty was ahead.On to a footpath where a number of the pack were fooled and Spot Dazz Septic Puppy Old Fart Florence GT Cabin Boy Lou Linda and Simple all trekked back from a long false.Head Boy introduced me to the lovely Julia who commented that I was the best silver fox she had seen for a while(was that a compliment?) The harriettes were going well with PQ resplendent in her shirt with PISS QUICK emblazoned across her chest, Dutch Cap with her bottle of Adams Ale in case the hash turned out as a marathon and Noneyet’s new friend (it was Elaine last week) Lucy striding forth showing why Reading Roadrunners are  so renowned! Bob was also galumping along and going as fast as some runners – where was Spex? Speaking to Jackie it seemed that Rob had car trouble, Chris had ball trouble and Millie was just a load of trouble and so I had to escort her for a bit –well that’s my story. By now Icarus was flying as the sun had gone in Foghorn was trying to work out what R2D2 stood for and Canoeist was complaining that he didn’t have a paddle and no creeks in sight as both Tim and Dan left him in their wake. Sanctuary from the busy roads was found at St Mary’s Church everyone was praying that Spot wouldn’t be RA today! The local community must have been warned that the hash was coming as a large and rather excited guard dog appeared held back by his handler. Max who has been feeling a little down lately wanted to take it home. At the first of the P stops hashers got confused and went behind a hedge but this was the first of the Iceman jay walking techniques which he was introducing. Wally gallantly marshalled the pack across the road but some drivers drove straight at him – I wonder why? A tardy Cloggs thought it might be something to do with Page 3?! Le Voisin and Cheating were backmarkers and cars miraculously avoided tham as they creaked over the road. More wonderment was in store as we entered the 2nd housing estate. Now we were heading directly for the M4 and a previous hasher Pieman would have been  proud as this was his favourite place to lay trails. The route now split and Angie, The Blobbies Iris and Derek + Uptake short cut whereas Centaur pounded off on the FRB option followed by Tim – Linda was desperately looking for Lou! As we crossed the motorway bridge the FRBs caught the SCBs – Itsyor followed by HashGate Florence Cloggs Puppy Nippon Tuck Mr Blobby Donut Spot Slowsucker Linda and Lonely until we reached P2 – sounds like a base station going up Everest. This was worse that P1 as the motorised metal boxes came off a roundabout and you didn’t know which way they were going. Old Fart risked a streak to one side and Blowjob(Bev) a returnee hurdled a speedy Reliant Robin followed by Simple Robert C5 and 1st Mate.  We now entered another housing estate paralleling the M4 and so we knew we had to cross back at some point. Icarus came back from a false. Glittertits sporting his Batman utility belt(have never seen any of the contents used but it looks girly – Lou and Linda have them too!? nobly checked inland when he guessed it must be a loop whilst Honeymonster and 10bob went through the false. And there it was Shire Hall in all its glory – definitely worth the visit on its own. However some disgruntled runners no names no pack drill but they were Cabin Boy Noneyet Lucy Comeinacar headed straight down the main road to Shinfield even though there was no flour. Us true grit – literally hashers found the real trail and so arrived back much later. We also lost Head Boy with Julia but that could be another story.

A fairly long old haul through difficult terrain this one. But lots of forest and mud and fun. Thanks Hares.

ShutUP-Wally (Irritates parts others can't reach!)

. Iceman had organised some excellent food and so everybody was happy and Whip lashed out for some sweeties for us Down Downs

Spot presented the following


Name                            Reason                         Style Points                                                                 


Slowsucker       His 2nd   50th badge                     Feeble – a real SLOW SUCKER

Phil & Julia        Virgins                                      Beaten by a woman

Wally                For laying a trail on Map186?      He drank it through his ear

Linda & Nutty    21st Birthdays                            Better than usual but still pathetic

Spot                 For letting Foghorn down            Good effort by someone

 on the IOW & beer abuse      so morally dubious

Cloggs              Charming the bar steward for       Splendid toping

                                    Free drinks

Icenman                        Lone hare                                  Enjoyed his liquid tarmac


Up and Coming

Run Number


Grid Reference







31st May



7pm prompt

Joint with Guildford – wear flowery dress
The Sun Windsor Great Park
The Elvetham – see below or see Wally for flyer



TA & Wally