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Venue: The Reformation, Gallowstree Common

His friends

Iceman, Spot, Hashgate, Hitchhiker,Glittertits, Pissquick, Honeymonster, C5, Motox, ShutupWally, BGB, The Lone Trembler, Dumper, Baldrick, Simple Simon, Donut, Florence,Trainspotter, Anorak, Pieman, Dragonlady,James,Icarus, Blowjob, Twanky, Robert, Pete, Bob, Utopia, Septic, Mr and Mrs Blobby, Slack Bladder and dog Crapper, Foghorn, Cheating, Slowsucker, Dutchcap, GBH, Itsyor, Steve, Julia, Emilie, Headboy, Linda green, Valhalla, Pyro, Lucy, Amanda and Tony + Dog Barney, Salome,Miss Whiplash,John, Chrissy, Hey Babe, Party Animal, CIAC, Whinge, Tarmac Cuddler, Phil, Potty and Nutty, Specs, Uplift


Paella, Lonely and Beaver

Not that “Lonely”….

My reputation for parking goes ahead of me as I was quickly dispatched to the lane around the corner from the pub where I found a large space to moor the car in. Returning to the chosen hostelry I was greeted by a veritable throng (No not a thong which I believe is illegal now in certain US States though not in South Oxfordshire yet!), a crowd, a mob, a good turn out in any terms (64 plus dogs!)

Hares Lonely and Paella’s instructions were brief but worrying; mention of 4.5miles and 6.5 miles and the knowledge that most Hares underestimate the distance by at least a third meant a long hot evening!

The “On out” was towards Gallowstree Common and the early right turn was soon sussed by BGB who demonstrated his silent calling technique with a rather limp wristed wave. The FRB s were soon tempted off the road into the beckoning wood and they set off down the various trails…..Ah but doesn’t Lonely like pointless early loops (last year?) and sure enough we set off back towards the main road pausing only to admire an ancient well. Around the corner and back towards the forest with a brief detour around a muddy pond, ignored by most. The house owners who had been warned that “20 ramblers” would be using the footpath across their lovely garden were perhaps a bit bemused by the massed ranks of the Hash marauding across their land complete with ravening dogs! Finally we entered the woods led by Itsyor only to catch up with the walkers.

The next check kept the pack together and after much hanging around we went straight on to a bar which then led us around the edge of a field. Old hands Trembler and Whinge were the visible front runners. Another long run to a check where Spot’s first rule of checking (If you can see flour, go another way) was disproved as reverse psychology sent us on past the seemingly too obvious blob to a bar and then across the woods to Borough Court(Now posh flats) We were keeping reasonably together at this stage with the Lone Trembler, Honeymonster, Baldrick and Motox all in their turn leading the pack along narrow paths and through undergrowth. Checks were becoming a rare thing and the rasping of breath from the more venerable of the Hash was in danger of drowning out even the continuous drone which Shutupwally thinks is helpful. Bursting out of he woods onto the road the real FRBs could be seen in he distance – Hashgate,Trainspotter and Itsyor kicking through checks as they went. Now your scribe took it upon himself to lambast the poor Itsyor(For it was he). After all if they want to run on their own so be it, but the pack surely doesn’t need help chasing them. I was kind enough to point out that he was about to go entirely the wrong way! Now like a wraith and not for he first time GBH appeared fresh as a daisy in the middle of the wood standing next to a helpful arrow and murmuring low Welsh curses (How does he do that ?)

I now heard myself uttering those dreadful words “It always goes this way!” Wash my mouth out!

Anorak and Trainspotter now led us through the woods (Away from the pub!) to the re-group at an alleged 4.5 miles. Wally joined, with more fatuous wittering, but did point out that both Simple Simon and the Pieman were hashing together (Well it amused him!)

All but the hardy chose the short route back to the pub as it was getting dark and the kitchen was shutting soon. The few long trailers confident of getting back just as quickly forgot the perversity with which our Hares are so famed. Lonely had already turned us away from the pub when there were shorter and more obvious routes… Not for him the one blob and you’re on as he threw in a bar, several checks, more falses and a trail that continued to head towards Kidmore End. An air of rebellion was brewing with the gathering darkness but fortunately we crossed last year’s trail and a hairpin turn sent us speeding back towards the pub.

Some sort of compensation methinks for last year’s abbreviated effort!!


RA Spot presided over the following awards;


She has hairy legs apparently and when called had clearly gone home to wax them! C5 stood in as he was involved in the exchange

A waste of beer! It didn’t touch the sides.


The Virgin from France

Orange juice daintily quaffed.



Obviously pros


Lost property

Condemned to Wally’s hare raising course


Old blue eyes. Using her face to brake!

Petitely sipped!


Birthday boys

Only halves


The Hares

Finished together








31st May





7th June