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Venue: The Sun, Windsor Great Park

Park Rangers

Christian, Old Fart, Chopstix, Caboose, Deerhunter, Glittertits, Pissquick, Honeymonster, C5, Motox, ShutupWally, BGB, The Lone Trembler, Dumper, Baldrick, Florence, Icarus, Blowjob, Twanky, Robert, Pete, Septic, Slack Bladder and dog Crapper, Foghorn, Cheating, Slowsucker, Dutchcap, Itsyor, Steve, Julia, Emilie, Headboy, Phil, Potty and Nutty.



Polo anyone?

Gathering at The Sun (Near Royal Holloway College) it was clear to me, a pure born Berkshire lad, that something deeply disturbing lies within the Surrey gene pool. On parking I was greeted by array of men (?) in ill fitting (change that to barely fitting) flowery dresses.

It had always been obvious to me that some of the BH3 hashers took to cross dressing far too readily……C5’s efforts tonight were well up to his usual standards i.e Dodgy frock and falsies and Foghorn’s red floral number was very fetching - All the usual suspects had slipped into those little numbers that they save for evenings such as this. I cannot think badly of any of them though .. an air of innocent fun poured from every pore!! Not for BH3 the more Bestial tendencies of our neighbours to the West or the in – breeding prevalent in Oxfordshire. We are after all, the Royal county. However I have always felt uneasy about folk from Surrey after a strange experience at Farnham Cricket Club some years ago and there were some extremely dubious characters here not least Hare for tonight “Uptake” resplendent in a gown that had seen many a better day (and night no doubt)

His instruction were brief…… “Can you call “On On” quietly as the Savill garden warden is a bit suspicious!” Well you would be when an overweight, balding man in a dress starts sprinkling flour all over your grounds! We “On outed” towards aforementioned gardens with Shutupwally showing an early turn of speed undoubtedly benefiting from the training he has received from the Reading Roadrunners in the Hash. The first check plonked in the middle of a straight road was clearly a back check but served it’s purpose well, keeping the Hash together and generally all the checks were pretty good at this mainly due to there being plenty of flour out there but none near any of the checks! The 6 blob false into a cul de sac in the bushes proved fairly effective as well! At moments like these Guildford Hashers tend to intone Zombie like “ There are no rules, there are no rules…” Jolly good! I hope you all get lost!

Having skirted the Lake, we emerged at Smith’s Lawn for a touch of Polo. I once attended the Coronation Cup here and did a bit of treading in (In fact I trod in it several times) The authorities had kindly left the facilities open and Deerhunter raced to take advantage of this only to have her exit barred by a huge hairy beast. Actually Foggy fooling around… A difficult evening for him having to stage whisper “On On”.

After circumnavigating Smith’s Lawn we now entered Valley gardens and the trail wandered in out of the plants and bushes. The scenery was lovely with beautiful Rhodedendrums and Azaleas in full bloom. The smell was lovely, a change from smelly trainers and unwashed T-shirts!

The pace was gentle enough and we arrived at the “Totem pole” where Uptake had clearly decided that was it for gently undulating pathways and set us into shiggy and then into the undergrowth to slow us all down.

As I followed a particularly attractive strapless number into a thicket, I was taken to wondering about the safely of our sovereign lady who lives close by, but maybe the Royal protection officers look kindly on cross dressing (The “comedy terrorist” for example). Perhaps it is a Masonic thing and these things are norm in those circles. Perhaps 60 or so men and women in dresses rampaging through your garden is not so rare, nevertheless I kept my ears open for the sound of dogs baying or an approaching chopper (Err.. well you know what I mean!)

The “On Inn” beckoned across Savill gardens carpark and after a brief stretch of road we were home. My misgivings about the stockbroking fraternity were confirmed as they gathered around some sort of bucket nearby the pub for their post run drinking rituals.

I retired to the Pub to spend a pleasant evening discussing huge masts and furniture making with Old Fart and Itsyor and latterly Florence’s underwear (She was very late!) As it grew dark Nutty and Dutchcap returned from their wanderings to a welcome drink!


RA C5 presided over the following awards;


Named “ Babydoll” after his rather small and ruched dress, which barely covered his waist!

You CAN run faster this way !?


Body Shop

RA Abuse



His birthday…..25 again!

Drink awful but tucked into the cake


Following Cheating the wrong way…What a surprise!

Gone-Just like that!








7th June







THE CALLEVA ARMS SILCHESTER Park next to the Sports Pavilion opposite.