Run Number: 1487 22/05/06 The Bowlers Arms, Wash Common

Hares: Potty (very)

Snowy (very)

Crazy People

Baldrick, BGB, Bomber, Butterfly, Cabin Buoy, Centaur, Cerberus, Chopstix, Desperate, Doughnut, Drac, Dumper, Dunny, Dutch Cap, Dwight, Fannybag, Flash, Florence, Gusset, Hitch-hiker, Iceman, Itsyor, Lilo, Little Stiffy, Loud'nTasteless, Motox, Nutty, Old Fart, Posh Tart, Premature, Septic, Shandyman, Silly Cow, Simple, Slackbladder, Slippery, Slow-sucker, Soreskin, Spex, Spot, Tin-opener,TT2, Utopia ,Vlad, Zebedee, John Canning, Shirley, Incider, Ram, Mr. Benn and Louise, David Dawkins, Jeremy, Diane, Sue Roulstone, Chris, Peter Dunn, McGoose, Smoking Joe and later Dave Fannybag joined us in the bar.

The Mud Bath

Well, what can one say? The first time I have turned out in many a month was on a wet and windy Monday evening more recognizable as December than May. I counted about forty people who were mad enough to entertain turning up on this very inclement evening. But fair play to everyone who did, knowing Potty and Snowy of old, they knew it would be a run to entertain everyone.

As the “Simple man” said whilst awarding the down downs “nothing much happened out there” but I am sure it did.

We will commence with talking about the kinky people who seem to like involving themselves with mud wrestling! Having not been to the hash for quite some time you must excuse me for not knowing a number of peoples names but about a mile into the run after passing Simple (who was walking I might add) and also muttering about how tired he was!?! And after running through a wood where a number of the speedy Newbury athletic club tried to remind me that we had been that way before (don’t all woods look the same)? And after a number of hashers had commented on that fact that my bottom seemed to have reduced in size somewhat since the last time I had been on the hash we came to the mud!

About a mile of stinking, festering, shoe pulling off gunk that was waiting there to trap anyone who was silly enough to run through the middle of it rather than sneaking along the edges clutching at trees to keep them upright!

I was well up at the front until this stage, feeling relatively strong and fit. It took most able hashers about an hour to suck their way through the mire (with the exception of the speedy athletic club boys) and just when we were all loosing the will to live we came across a group of hashers who had got bored with having their shoes sucked of and had decided to do some mud wrestling. Luckily for us ladies who arrived, it was the boys who had stripped down to their underwear to coat themselves in the festering stuff.

However as they were not professional mud wrestlers this all seemed a bit tame to us so on we all went, gingerly picking our way, slipping and sliding along the path.

After about a year, we reached the regroup. The run up to that stage had been fast and furious due to the fact that Snowy was marking the checks with lovely big arrows so if we were behind the athletes there was no need to check it out.

Just as I arrived at the re-group the baying pack were sent off again by Snowy with Potty letting the less stamina driven hashers know there was a bit of a short cut if they wanted it.

The rain had started again at this time, which made the cows in the field we had to pass very inquisitive, now that was a bit hair raising.

We traveled on through picturesque countryside which was lovely despite the rain and everyone arrived back at the pub having thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, especially those who had witnessed the mud wrestling episode.

It’s Bouncer Time

Imagine everyone’s surprise to find a cozy fat cat sitting in the pub, it certainly made my evening, especially when he sat on my black combats and got his white fur everywhere.

I understand he owns the place and likes nothing better to eat food of people’s plates when they are not looking, hence the size of him!

It was a very enjoyable run and an enjoyable social afterwards (would have been a bit easier though with more than one person serving behind the bar) but never fear, the down downs were not too far away.

Down Downs

Slippery Nipples  For completing 50 Runs
Slowsucker    Whose Birthday it was
Chris     For being the gay MP on the Winchester 10k ?
Mr Benn     Loser for losing his car and shoe
Smoking Joe        A Visitor to BH3

Gusset For agreeing to type some rubbish for your amusement!

Hares Potty and Snowy

Forthcoming Runs

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