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Crown & Cushion, Minley


Fukawe, Hamlet

Hot (but not) Cross Buns

Baldrick Iceman Hashgate OldFart Itsyor SlowSucker Spot BlowJob BlouseBlazer Motox PissQuick Glittertits Bogbrush FannyBag and Pebbles the dog Vlad (I hope!) Dumper Septic C5 Uplift PP Tom NappyRash and dog Barney Florence Caboose Quack Dutch Houdini and rather a lot of N. Hants H3

BH3 Easter Hash

It had been a very good Easter weekend so far. Spex and LoudonTasteless had held their (second) successful inaugural GF2H4 trail on Friday; on Saturday Cambridge had won The Boat Race and today the sun shone again, confounding the Easter Bank Holiday doom sayers and ensuring that there were indeed quite a few hot, sticky buns after we had run the Trail.

We could tell it was Spring since OldFart and Itsyor had wriggled, blinking, out of the woodwork to join us. And we were joined by a great many North Hants Hashers, including Florence, who wore her favourite T-shirt – an ancient but eye-catching green object from the late 80s. After the Hash, rather a lot of BH3 members were wearing our new, Royal (Berks) purple 2007 T-shirts – designed by the Andy Warhol of the Hash, Spot. Not, of course, that he wears a wig and fancies young men. Just that his sense of style warrants surely more than just fifteen minutes of fame.

Only one person today could have benefited from a spot of style counselling (yes, I know it’s a pun) and that was C5, who had arrived complete with a pair of fluffy bunny ears and a little white scut a-dangling over his derrière. Actually, it was a damn fine effort. Just a shame that absolutely no-one else had dressed up or even brought the remotest Easter item – not even a egg (yes, I know. I thought it sounded humorous. Crikey you lot are casuistic). I had rather hoped that Dutch might have worn that Bunny outfit she wore at Shandyman’s birthday party. No such luck. All I got from her was (a probably well-deserved), “Bugger off, Hashgate!” When I hesitated to suggest she might like to Check It Out at a point in the forest.

continued in New York

So here we are in the city that never sleeps. Boy, it does not. Yellow cabs, soaring, monumental buildings, a cacophony of car horns, hotel doormen whistling for taxis, many, many people rushing about, hustlers on street corners, steam hissing from manholes, building works, the U.S. National Debt posted on an electronic sign outside the IRS office, a rich man in a fine coat trimmed with fur, a poor couple huddled together on the street with a sign saying ‘any little change helps’. What a fantastic city of contrasts and life to the full. Love it.

Trouble is, I’m so busy I just do not have time to finish this Gobsheet. So Hamlet and Fukawe, please acept my apologies. As ever with you guys it was a fine trail in a great area, and topped off with some lovely weather.

See you all in a couple of weeks. Until then, ‘Who loves ya, baby?.

On On. Hashgate.

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