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The Thatchers Arms, Theale


Fannybag, Bogbrush

Sun Worshippers

Motormouth Desperate Shitfor Cerberus BillyBullshit BlouseBlazer Baldrick Honeymonster Little Stiffy Slackbladder Spot Zebedee Florence Quack oldDog C5 Dumper Drexel Centaur Ms Whiplash Salome Snowballs Lemming Mother Theresa TinOpener Lilo and dog Emma Motox Foghorn PissQuick Glittertits DunnyStumbler Flash Iceman LoudonTasteless Caboose Jan Donut Hilary Binbag Potty Nutcracker PP Diver Nappy Rash Stripper Hey Babe KayakTin Opener, Mr Blobby Stephanie Stephanie Nigel Gussett Specs Fanny Bag Bog Brush Mrs Blobby Jake and anyone else I missed. (or was on this list but not at the hash, I just copied and pasted the last list!) – well I’m new to this game!

Roving Report – this being my first, forgive me for rambling

A huge turn out for the first “Summer” hash of the season, on a beautiful sunny, still evening. Florence turned up on time which is apparently unusual, she new how hard it would be to park so she got there early, wish I’d thought of that! By the time I had parked the car, figured out how to use the Dictaphone, and gathered a few of the many names we were called to order by Motox (BGB had turned up only slightly late and was a bit miffed that we had started without him)

On out and through a parched field and soon we were fairly spread out. The field led us into a slight hill, where you could see two runners haring through the countryside miles ahead of anyone else. Which apparently is where they stayed for the rest of the hash. I wouldn’t know I never saw them again after that point. It was a fast hash and after the third check those of us towards the middle and end of the pack never got a rest as everyone else had gone tearing off, checking out and finding the correct way. We wandered through the woods which were covered in bluebells which blended in beautifully with our new purple tee shirts. Up and down we went through the trees until we finally came to a clearing. Roy led us into a field but found a bar check, and being a good hasher turned around and with BGB found the correct route through the woods. Diver had also got to the bar check when she saw lots of other hashers running across the fields after appearing from the woods further up the hill. I explained to her that she had to turn around at a bar check, and being in her final week of being a teenager announced “am I bovvered” and continued across the field. Specs decided it was a good decision and followed suite. So did a dozen or so other hashers (including me).

From there it was a mile or so back to the pub, which turned out to be a bit of a race for Nappy Rash, Shitfor and Billy Bullshit which led to a conundrum which we would like to know the answer to:- if Nappy Rash gets to a check with Billy Bullshit, and Nappy Rash chooses the correct trail whereas BillyBullshit goes down the false – how is it that Billy Bullshit always appears at the next check before Nappy Rash without overtaking him? Answers on a postcard please. All in all a very pleasant evening with the trail being just the right length (for me anyway)

On On P**** Puller (your novice roving reporter, apologies for spelling, content, and lack of pics etc. – I think Hashgate’s gobsheet crown is safe!)

Down Downs

RA – Glittertits presented the following – I think he did lots just to confuse me!



Style points

Jake, Tapeworm and Stripper

Today’s Virgin and Visitors

Visitors 2 – Jake 0 (his dad Dummer had to show him how it’s done)

Caboose Donut

100 runs

Polished off smoothly


Lost and Late

Didn’t loose his way this time


Shortcut – got to 1st check then returned to the pub


Shitfor, Desperate C5

Supporing Fulham FC (and loosing against Reading (c’mon U Rrs

Went down as fast as their team down the league.



Fannybag Bogbrush

Short cut

Bloodstained -Crashed Whilst Walking


Made short work of this one

Got there eventually

Good Job done

The umbrella reappeared!!! One of the nice North Wilts Hashers came along to return it to its rightful owners, maybe a boomerang would be more appropriate. It was handed to Itsyour (I think – although I can’t remember why – maybe something about not paying subs. Well it was late and dark, the Dictaphone was in my car and I was writing notes by torchlight!

Up and Coming



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7:30 pm


The Wheelwrights Arms Hurst RG10 0TR – Opp Dinton Pastures

GT PQ & Uplift


7:30 pm


The Bottle & Glass Binfield Heath RG9 4JT

Hey Babe CIAC