Run Number: 1582.

Venue: Jolly Gardener Hollyport.

Hares: Shitfor & Bloody Desperate.

The Hashers:

Foggy Fanny Bag Pebbles Bogbrush Spotly Old Dog Motox Cerberus Billy Twanky Old Fart Nappy Rash P.P and Barney Loud n Tastless Dunny Dave (Andy) Cloggs Nonstick Wally and Bonnie Ice Man Aint Got One Ratrie Didddy ( Lady & Dog) name escaped away Returnee ( female) most of been a long time ago didnít look familiar!!..Not forgetting Cheating.


We stood around like good hashers do ,just waiting like greyhounds in the traps , time went by, irritable bowl syndrone kicking in. Are we off then retorted the Hares (we never answerd that question) wheres the GM then, must have over dosed himself again as his beloved Football Team LOST yet again. Shitfor helped by Motox took hold of precedings and duly got us under way.

Desperate whose eyes looked like 12 year old Walnuts ,was slow with the uptake, confiding in me that she never slept much through worry of the tail being washed out.Well it was not quite snow but it could have been damageing to certain bits. Led by old fart we went slipping and sliding across the first field, this was a warning of what was to come. The very fist check Buggard up every body for a while, Loud n Tastless was in good mode, found the way after admitting he ran better with out specs, who due to the weather, decided to stay home and scan the Yellow Pages for a builder !!!. We were led down a long a track to the next check enabling Wally to cacht up, still muttering on about the rules of hashing, but it was Nappy rash who took the right path after Nonstick and clogs decided to do there own thing together the wrong way deep into the woods!!.

This is when the fun really started the fields we enterd were submerged in six inches (steady girls) of water ,Foggy without hesitation led the way while others mused at the fact he hates washing and shaving. On On he bellowed which drew P.P barney and Old Dog , which one shall we save? Barney is still with us!! On through to the next field where the water was even deeper , Be careful here barked Cerberus this bridge is dangerous it sinks beneath the water, at this point Bogbrush and Pebbles arrived ,( Pebbles in her former life used to drag a one ton chariot) Cerberus duly obliged by takeing the leash only to be pulled at such speed she could have easily have won the local water skiing championships. Bogbrush in the meanwhile had resorted to rolling up his trousres and tippy toed across the bridge. Just after this we proceded to the beer stop.

TheTrail led us to this huge private house(Lord Lucan was out, but his hardy butler (Diddy) and housemaid (Ratrie) duly oblighed with refreshments, this is where our GM arrived after saying he had been to the wrong pub for half an hour earlier in the morning, hence missing calling the circle, drank copious amounts of beer then completely disappeared again.

The last part of the Hash was to prove even more tricky ,when Aint Got One asked Billy what do you reckon then ,was sent the RIGHT WAY and ended up front running for a while,only to be out smarted by Fanny Bags . Stairods were still coming from the skies, hope the Pubs not far now said dunny, Iceman agreed, (Havn,t had a drink now for at least four minutes)tThats a true hasher for you!! We came to a check, left was lots of watery fields, right was a dry cinder track ,I am going this way dunny said looks a good bet to me, at this point myself and new boy (Dave) or is it Andy followed. Turned out to be false so we all agreed to continue through, dunny was right, it led us to the check, I kicked it out the way I thought was the right way ,only to find it was wrong ,At this point we were joined by Spot who came from god knows where, The Hares had done a good job in throwing us . Well done!!! The Pub at last.

Down Downs.




Big potential


60th Birthday

God that boy is improving



Disapeared quicker than Fulham fans after match.


Throwing bucket of water over Shitfore

Not Over Shitfore


Beer stop

See where Desperate Gets it from



Desperate showed exactly How to do it, left Shitfore Chocking and spluttering. He needs to do some serious drinking sessions to stay in contention.

Receeding Hareline

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1584 30th Mar 600836
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1585 6th April 690801
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