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Snells Hall, East Hendred


Oxford Hares

OH3 500th Hash Knees-Up… and Other Stuff

Could be a curious Gobsheet this one, since I didn’t manage to get to this joint bash until just before the run was over. Handy in a way, no queue for the beer or running vests on sale and a chance to chat to some of the Oxford Hash before everyone else arrived. Though the weather was gloriously sunny it was ear-achingly cold and the frost lay thick, deep and crunchy in shaded places. Add to that that it was then 1 o’clock. Subtract the 11 o’clock start time and began to think that perhaps missing the Trail(s) was perhaps a wise thing to do in the circumstances. Particularly when I saw Simple and Skids stagger back into the car park with skin the colour of tomatoes and a sweat on that would have done credit to Red Rum after a successful gallop round the Grand National. The OH3 running vests shouted the latin logo poto ergo curro (I drink therefore I run). I hadn’t run but seeing those two gasping and staggering I felt in need of a restorative potion and tottered towards the three barrels of excellent beer inside the hall that were being manned by the perfectly named Dipstick. A couple of quaffs later and I felt a lot less guilty about my laziness.

So, I hear you squeak, where are the names of the Hashers. Though my recording machine lay silent and resting at home one or two of the old brain cells were still firing so, from memory, here are the BH3 names (if I’ve missed out anyone tough shit I apologise unreservedly): Motox Caboose Dumper Septic Hashgate Donut Shitshoveller Penny Pitstop Snowballs Cloggs Nonstick Slowsucker Swallo Dunny Foghorn Baldrick Rampant Rabbit Whinge Down Under (or Kia Ora – take your pick) Mother Theresa Lemming Spex LoudonTasteless Spot Hitchhiker. And I have placed HitchHiker last so she can see her name has been spelt with the extra ‘H’. She chewed off rather a lot of my ear whinging, cajoling, threatening and inviting me to read the embroidered name sewn to her BH3 shirt above her rather perky left bosom in order to get the extra ‘H’ typed in when I write about her in the Gobsheet. This kind of casuistic, pettifogging buttonholing has been going on for some time and I have been ignoring it in a gentlemanly fashion. However, I think the ten-minute inspection of her shirt finally (um) swung it for me so from henceforth she shall have three h’s in her name. Unless I forget.

However, it was a well organized and enjoyable event and those pork rolls were superb. Many thanks Oxford.

Which leaves me with a bloody great empty space to fill. Any ideas anyone? The usual methods for volunteer Scribes are: enormous pictures, margins the size of Doric columns so the reader gets one or two words on every line or a font size of about sixty four. The latter ideal if you are as visually challenged as Cerberus but generally a tad lacking in plot and substance.

So why don’t I tell you how to write a Gobsheet. Might be interesting. Might not. See what you think. I’ll just place an enormous picture to the left (maybe to the right on the website if Iceman doesn’t format the display :-)

So there you have it. Now anyone can write a Gobsheet. And I may call upon you when I am out of the country. One such sap generous soul is C5 who kindly volunteered to write you a Christmas Lunch Gobsheet next week. Let’s hope it isn’t a turkey (ho, ho, ho).

On On. Hashgate.

Down Downs

Lord knows. Had to leave early to visit friends nearby. I bumped into Caboose on Monday who told me he left fairly late and the BH3 Down Downs were only just starting. Just as well I missed them – would never have had space to write about anything else.

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4 Newtown Cottages, Ferry Road
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The Foresters, Church Crookham
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