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A Car Park, Bucklebury


Foghorn, Dorothy, Twanky

The Hashers with Spring in their steps….

Awol, Aqua, Baldrick, BGB, Billy Bullshit, Blowjob, Bogbrush, Cerberus, C5, DragonLady, Fannybag, Fannysniffer, Flo, Gnomealone, HeavyPetting and Barney, Honeymonster and Max, Iceman, Lemming, Lunchbox, Loud and Tasteless, Messenger Boy and Lucy, Mother, Motox, Nappy Rash, No Sole, Old Dog, Paella, Shandyman, Skinny Dipper, Slapper, Spex, Spot, Trembler and Knee Trembler (non-payees), Zebedee, David Kerr

The first Snowdrop Hash of Spring…..

What a fabulous day for a Hash, Spring was Springing, Birds were on the wing and there was a force 9 gale howling down the car park. Last time we were there ice covered most of the ‘puddles’ as the temperature was about minus 4…. This time, after a lovely spell of sunshine, we were in 4 inch mud baths…..with the occasional babbling brook to rinse off our shoes.

Fortunately Lemming is losing his touch. Retirement suits him and has mellowed him somewhat, or slowed him down cos I think the only poor soul to get the mud-treatment was Spex…..having said that there was a lot of squealing in the car park as Foggie man handled her towards the trees….It was obviously the BH3 way of welcoming her back to the fold. Is that kitchen finished yet, no-one dares ask… Billy was looking a lot greyer today, has Cerberus been giving him a hard time at home, no, Foggie emptied half a bag of flour on his head!!

Anyway, the trail. Long, muddy, very muddy indeed but what wonderful views, (for those slow enough to take stock of them anyway) The checks were beautifully located next to clumps of snowdrops so us hangers-on at least had something nice to look at as we stood scratching our heads wondering what happened next. Methinks there is a cunning plan afoot whereby the three hares all laid separate bits of the trail and none of them knew where the other bits went so it was a tad disconcerting to come across them debating about which way we should go…. It was the best sort of trail really where everyone gets lost and even Billy got stumped… although he made up for it by running back from a ‘false’ so making the pack reverse only to sneakily turn round and run the right way….. Flo shocked everyone by mooning on the actual trail…. Was this her way of obscuring the flour to put us off the scent???

There were some tantalising long falses and I believe several people got ‘suckered’ and all should definitely sleep like babes tonight.

Did anything actually happen on the hash? We discovered Max (four legged sort) is too big in the middle to fit through V-shaped stiles; Gnomealone took over 5 hours to complete the Grizzly and they had even packed away the portaloos……Blowjob is the most sensible hasher around preferring to open gates rather than struggle over awkward fences…. Baldrick and Motox of course knew which way the trail was going and their precise location …. It always goes that way!

So, we passed some lovely countryside, panoramic vistas, clear, fast flowing streams, picturesque clusters of snowdrops, empty woods with crunching leaves underfoot, up hills, down dales and of course loadsa mud!!! And, for those who did take it all in, 8 hares doing their ‘boxing’ on the brow of the hill…and Lunchbox didn’t even take a picture. All in all a brilliant Spring trail!

But the best was yet to come… DragonLady arrived bearing much welcomed refreshment and once the vultures had satisfied their fills we all left replete and content for our afternoon snoozes.

Well done Foggy, Dorothy and Twanky….. and not one person mentioned three-somes.

On On. Hashgate aka Old Dog

Down Downs

RA C5 presented the following :-



Style points


Closing the garage door before the car had exited

Counting Tick is slowing the poor chap down or he is just out of practice


Complaining that Zeb said nothing instead of On On

This girl shows ‘em all how it’s down-downed


Making the RA run the wrong way with his new ‘false’ tactic

Just like him, short and sweet!



Being too clever by half on the trail, opening gates

Tricking the trailblazers

Fast and furious and done with style

Letting the lady come first

No Sole

Not remembering her name

But definitely remembers what to do with a pint!




The Three Wise Men of the Woods

Twanky excelled himself

Dorothy is getting the hang of it and Foggie definitely needs to stop catching the drips in his beard for afters.

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