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The Stag and Huntsman


JWax and Baldrick

The Happy Hashers

Good question. I forgot to ring Tick and find out….. they know who they were and will have been added to the ongoing list of ‘who has done how many runs’ list.

The Hambledon Hash

Great, I thought, as we drove up dell and down dale. ‘There be bluebells in them woods, oooarr’. We could see carpets of blue tantalisingly teasing us from the forest floors. Such anticipation…. Since JWax is our resident Art-Farty photo-shooting, film producing, ‘I just want to get this in the frame with the correct aperture and at the right speed’ photographer, we knew we were in for a scenic and tasteful stroll through the picturesque up-market Hambledon Hills.

Excellent pub setting. Car park nestling at the foot of the hills…..bets being taken on which and how many we would be going up…..

Slowsucker was determined to inspire the troops with his usual pre-amble preamble….all it did was make us want to run away as quickly as possible. Good tactic by the hares! Just what does Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore have to do with Hambledon? I wasn’t paying attention I’m afraid as Motox had not only tried to run us over, having arrived late at the Hash (even Flo was parked and in the circle before him) but then he decided to pour water down my neck! Ok, so my hash shoes were a bit smelly but no worse than anyone else’s surely?

Anyway the herd rumbled off leaving us ‘ladies wot loiter’ to bring up the rear and take in the views and admire the bluebells. As with most hashes there were lots of ups and they were worth it!! Sadly not a bluebell in sight but what stunning vistas of rolling countryside and a clear moon to guide us. None of the promised wildlife though, not a furry beastie in sight, nada, rien, zip, zero.

Now for the dirt….. yes Cheating your secret is out. We saw you. Supposedly FRBing but all he did was skip along the walkers’ trail, dive off at the ‘odd’ long check and signal as if he had run the whole way. I suppose at his age one has to use all one’s Cunning to evade the ravages of time and maintain one’s male ego as best one can. Still I did buy him a beer for returning my trousers, neatly washed and pressed. (now his reputation really is shot to pieces….)

I believe the trail was a good one, with lots of ups and downs and Mr Blobby throwing a tantrum…. Not sure if it was for not being first at the check or not getting the false right but he got a down down for throwing his toys out of the pram.

There was also another rather odd incident which I am still trying to reconcile with the facts. C5, our dapper, cross-dressing luvvy who wins veteran cups and silverware for being the fastest ‘mature’ person in BH3 was apparently racing Motox, who as we all know is our ‘very mature’ shimmying specialist that ‘doesn’t run’ ‘because of various “complaints”’. Obviously dancing all night with a string of ladies (all wanting to know if he is single) keeps him up to speed!!! I believe it was a close call as to who won…..

On On. Hashgate is supposedly stuck in India due to some light fog or some such meteorological thingy. So it’s yours truly again. Woof woof

To be continued….

Down Downs

RA C5 presented the following :-



Style points

C5 and Motox

(presented by Mr B)

Two old codgers trying to show that old hashers never know when to act their age

You got to hand it to them, they’d make good drainpipes

Mr Blobby

Not acting his age and jumping on the flour at the check going red in the face

Just what is the average pint down the gullet speed for the over 60’s?

2 Bob and Party Animal


Absolutely useless, out of practice and even daughter of 2 Bob had to finish the pints


Losing his glasses and despite not being able to see, put his hand straight on them… just an excuse to get the ladies on all fours…….

We’re going to have to watch this one…..


700 birthday run…..??? Ok his birthday and his 700th run

Obviously been practising over the years

Virgin Hanoi Hasher

Name dropping tart whose first hash was in Hanoi….

We showed him Berkshire’s best and he didn’t do too badly

Up and Coming



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10 May


The Traveller’s Friend, Crookham Common RG19 8EA

Dribbler and Butterfly


17 May


The White Hart, Hamstead Marshall RG20 oHW

TinOpener and Lilo Lil