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Woolton Hill


Wally, Honeymonster, TA,


The Hashers

Baldrick, Bomber, Butterfly, C4, C5, Cabin Buoy, Centaur, Dribbler, Dumper, Dunny, Dwight, Effing, Flash, Foggy, GT, Honeymonster, Iceman, Jaywax, Lilo, Little Stiffy, Lonely, Loud and Tasteless, Miss Whiplash, Max, Motox, Mr and Mrs Blobby, No Sole, Nutty, Old Dog, Old Fart, PQ, Pocha, Posh, Potty, Rampant Rabbit, Salome, Septic, Simple, Spex, Skids, Slackbladder, Slapper, Slippery, Slowsucker, Swallow, TA, TinOpener, Wally, Scoot, Shylite, Bob, Elizabeth, Troy, Adrian and Jilly ( not forgetting Minx and Max)

The ‘He doesn’t look old enough to be retired’ Hash

You can guarantee that the promise of food and beer brings them out like worms after the rain and sure enough there was a real pack of harriers turned out for Dribbler’s Do. A sharp frost, blue sky and brilliant sunshine capped it all and what a treat lay in store. However, we had to bear the pain of Simple’s rhetoric, yet again….this time it was all about Adam begetting Abraham, begetting Joseph, begetting Cain, begetting Able, begetting Max… ok so again Simple did the maths and gave us a Project Manager’s timeline interpretation on how Max came to be. Not a pleasant thought….

Flash had some excellent photos of Max’s fortieth and I recommend everyone to ask to see the album… I have never seen such youthful looking BH3 hashers and Max cut a real dash…even if it was stark naked except for a nappy stuffed with mud and leaves….. Dumper with dark hair, cooorrrrrr…..

I digress… the hash. Ok so we knew that it be good, despite Wally being one of the masterminds, Honeymonster, TA and TinOpener had a great run planned. Through woods, rolling fields, slippery footbridges the works… even huge oversized cattle. Yes Iceman thought he had found Defra’s secret scientific experimental project on how to feed the world by cloning super sized cows, until it was pointed out that it was two cows standing in close proximity… Yes eight legged cows are still a thing for the future Iceman, keep taking the tablets!

There was also a sharp intake of breath at the start of the hash, did our eyes deceive us? Lonely arrived on time! Ok so Simple over-ran and we didn’t start till 11.05, but it was amazing that Lonely arrived in time for the start. Is he turning over a new leaf? Or has he just had the car serviced?

I do believe though that we have at last started to get fresh blood into the hash and it was great to see Scoot play the grand masters at their own game. He had the FRBs following him on a super long false and then when questioned he retorted, ‘Well, check it out yourself then!’ Way to go kid! Who says we are not educating leaders for the future?

Spex was also on form giving Wally what for about bar checks, reminding him that somebody responsible should be in charge to keep everyone on the straight and narrow… mmmm Wally???? A lost cause Spex, I suspect. Talking of Wallly or rather the effects of Wally’s talking, poor Just Moist came over all unnecessary and had a bout of the vapours and had to sit down… a combination of Wally’s soliloquy on hashing, the heat, running too fast left poor old Just Moist completely breathless. Skids and some of the walkers took pity on her and boosted the spirits with some rousing striding chants….. sadly I had forgotten the recording device but I think we should get the words onto paper and create our BH3 stomping chant… nothing compared to those French Nuns but just as uplifting I’m sure.

Sadly, gossip was in short supply… Poca made it for another run and again came in before her dad, well done and hats off to her, despite sleepless nights and looking after child and husband (is there a difference we ask) she still looks fresh fit and fearless. Hitch was ready, lippy and heels to hand to see if her new recruit turned up… yes she touts BH3 wares on the train and dupes handsome young men in to coming along to the next hash, sadly they just don’t turn up….. Motox brought along some windfall apples, so please do trip him up and nag him for some, although be warned, you’ll have to make a pie for him!

But the event of the day, apart from Dribbler’s birthday was poor old Dumper having to take his shirt off to use as a lead to keep Minx in hand. She is like a rocket and left poor old Lilo miles behind while she checked out the trail. Looks like Dumper’s shirt is now XXXXXXLLLLLLLL , well stretched and definitely seen better days. Maybe we should put a gps tracking device in her collar (Minx or Lilo?)

On On. Old Dog aka Hashgate will be back in a fortnight so only one more to go…….

Down Downs

RA C5 presented the following :-



Style points

Adrian and Jilly (half pint and full pint)

They are tying the nuptial knot and needed some Dutch Courage

Well he came first. Someone should explain to him this is just not done. My dear, you have our sympathies.

Elizabeth and Bob

First time she came on the hash (approx 30 years hence) she was on her dad’s back

So again, on her Dad’s back they both downed the beer in unison. Such is the bond between father and daughter…. Awwww bless…


Throwing her toys out of the pram and stamping her feet at the hares

Despite promising to sit on Wally’s head she just gave him a taste of the beer….Why do blokes assume that you have to fart on someone’s face????  Obviously a man thing and outwith my understanding…..


The Centenary Run, at last she got the goblet!

She should have got it ages ago but since she rarely comes, this was our first opportunity… tell me about it!!??? Downed with speed and style!


Something about not needing botox and facelifts but relying on dimmer switches and older men… ok so she had a birthday too…. Over 40 but only just!

The wine was gone before we got to the end of the first verse!!!


Should have gone to Spec Savers – Images of large bovines with eight legs….and mistaking frost for flour… sad when the eyes fade….

What every Scotsman does with alcohol, drink and ask for more.. How many times has he had a down down… methinks he now has a taste for them?!


Causing the ladies to have palpitations and heaving bosoms… taking off his shirt mid-hash

CCCCoooooorrrrrrrr! Ok so he sank the pint with his usual ease. We take our hats off to Dragon… just what is the difference between the Hawaiian hula and the grass skirt wiggle??

Max aka Dribbler

60 today – not only cake with his beer but a singing coffee cake too! Providing a wonderful location and after hash bash.

Have to forgive the old boy but dried fruit and best bitter don’t really mix….. fell at the final fence…


Hostess with the Mostest; great soup, great bangers, great afters, great cake (including singing decorations) great time all round

Style, pizzazz and je ne sais quoi, as per one would expect of such a lovely lady who has such a cross to bear (ok so he isn’t that bad really). Many thanks to our hosts for the day, it was brill!!!

Wally, TA, TinOpener, Honeymonster (and Max)

Hares for the day that abandoned the walkers, confounded the pack and did a great hashy trail, fuge, subterfuge and counterfuge.

TA had already gone, was he on a promise? Down, down and down in one! Well done boys.

Up and Coming

See the web site for details of the walk on October 23 – Motox or Skinnny Dipper for details.

Twanky’s run on November 7 – pub will do chilli or veg curry for £5.00. Let him or C5 know in advance.

Coffee and Cake hash on November 14, see Old Dog if you can spare a bun or two. Tick will be £1.00 and there are no calories involved at all, honest!

March 6 – Celebrating International women’s week – ladies hash – dress accordingly!!!!! No you can’t wear those red dresses, try something more colourful instead….:) Handbags, Heels and Hats!



Grid Reference




31 Oct


Dunsden Village Hall

Prizes for best Halloween dress

£2.50 tick includes beer/lager and a pie. BYO drink if prefer alternative beer, but tick applies to all.

Billy and Shitfor


7 Nov


The White Hart, Eversley

Pub doing curry/chilli for £5.00 order in advance

Twanky, Blowjob and Dorothy