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Burghfield Village Hall


Fannybag, OldDog and


To mark Remembrance Sunday GM, Simple, gathered us around at 11 for the last post, silence and a poem to give us all chance to pause and reflect before getting on with…..

The Great Burghfield Bake-Off

Fruit Cakes and Old Tarts

Aqua, AWOL, Mr Blobby, Mrs Blobby, Dunny, Rampant Rabbit, Florence, Heavy Petting, Poshtart, Spex, Bomber, C5, Dorothy, Simple, Skidmarks, Swallow, Whinge, Tarmac Cuddler, Penny Pitstop, Potty Nutty, Tinopener, Shandyman, JJ, Motox, L&T, Iceman, Full Frontal, Foghorn, Flash, Dumper, Nappyrash, Messenger Boy, Balders, BGB, BillyBullsh*t ,BlowJob, Bogbrush, Butterfly, Cabin Buoy, Cerberus, Chopstix, Desperate, Dribbler, Honeymonster, Horny, Iceman, Itsyor, Miss Whiplash, NoSole, Old Fart, PQ, Poca, Rainbow Warrior, Septic, Skinny Dipper, Slippery, Slowsucker, Snowy, Vertigo, Zebedee, JWax, Frankie, Lynne Denton

Tea Loaves and Coffee Cakes

C4, Lilo, Madam Cyn and daughter

Cooking up a storm

Rotting leaves
Assorted Hashers


oak some fields and woodland paths overnight. Ensure the paths are covered with a good coating of rotting leaves. Get up at the crack of dawn and go out into woodland and on the paths and sprinkle liberally with flour taking care to make circular shapes and “F”s as well as dots. This part of the recipe is quite time consuming so get some helpers if possible.
Add 60 odd (very odd) hashers .It doesn’t matter what shape, size or age these are – in fact, the greater the variety, the better the finished product. Spread the hashers throughout the woodland adding mud as required. Blend for approximately 90 minutes until the hashers are thoroughly covered with the mixture adding a good dose of water towards the end just to finish them off. Place them in a warm hall at 20°C. Take off their wet outer coating, allow to rest and serve with coffee and cakes.

Old Dog and Fannybag chose the above part Delia / part Nigella recipe for Sunday’s hash and it worked a treat. C5 had added some extra flour the night before on his moonlight trail but this only served to enrich the mixture and confuse the pack.
Confusion was also caused by a flyer L&T saw attached to a gate near a check. It had a few of us scratching our heads (better than checking). The owner was offering a reward for the lost pet in the photo. The trouble was the photo was of a cat and a llama leaving L&T in a complete quandary. Desperate for the reward money he soldiered on with trail occasionally stopping to look for llama scats and trying to kidnap every ginger tom he saw.
The bun fight in the village hall was excellent. So many delicious cakes and sweet treats to choose from - W.I. eat your heart out!. There was also coffee and tea dispensed by Madam Cyn and Lilo.
I learned that it’s always wise to keep your opinions to yourself at these events. I remarked to Dunny that the decorated millionaire’s shortbread on her plate looked a bit fancy for my taste (maybe because I’m not a millionaire) – of course, to my embarrassment, she had made it! Rampant said that the pastry on the mince pie he was chomping was crispy ….. it was one of mine…. I think it was a compliment. Anyway, it was all very tasty and greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the bakers and tea and coffee makers.
Boat Race
To add an alcoholic edge to the proceedings 4 teams took part in a boat race. These were:
The Thatcham Alternative hash (Potty, Simple, Nutty and Snowy)
The Dancers (Cabin Buoy, Full Frontal and Co)
The Burghfield Marauders (C5,Bogbrush,Slapper and Messenger Boy)
The All Under 60’s (Flo, Nosole, Zeb and Iceman)
Hurrah! The best team won – the All Under 60’s - they were rewarded with a bottle of organic beer each…….aptly, way past it’s best before date!

RA C5 likes threesomes….or so it seems! He presented down-downs to the following trios:



Style points


Old Fart


350 runs

400 runs

650 runs

They’ve done this before!




Has done 3 hashes since last wash
Giving the RA the following advice (for his love life?):
“Spread the legs and get lower”

Now a true hasher. Admitted to calling on the hash

All fast women




Raced to C5’s house

Followed Cerberus into a ditch and ended with his nose where the sun don’t shine. Also overtaking Zeb.

Racing Simple

Simple finished first by a nose



Old Dog

The hares

Guzzled – laying a trail is thirsty work.

Jwax and Baldrick were at their final BH3 hash before going off to live in New Zealand so we bid them a fond farewell with a down-down. We wish then well until we see them again in Bude next June
On on Flo
Receding Hareline



Grid Reference




28th Nov


The Swan, High St, COMPTON RG20 6NJ

Dwight, Centaur, Scoot


5th Dec


Village Hall, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell OX10 0RY see below

Didcot Hash


Sunday 5th December 2010

Meet 10:30 for 11:00 hrs

The Village Hall, School House, West End, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell OX10 ORY

£6.00 for event+hot meal+pudding+2 drinks Secure your place -see C5 or Flo asap