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The Compton Swan


Centaur and Dwight

The Hash Mivvis (ok it felt like being in the freezer!)

Awol, Bogbrush, Booby, Bomber, Cheating, DoggyStile, Dumper, Dunny, Fannybag, Flash, Flo, Hitchhiker, Iceman, Lemming, Lilo, Lonely, Loud and Tasteless, Messenger Boy, Miss Whiplash, Mother, Motox, No Sole, Nutty, Old Dog, PennyPitstop, PQ, Pocha, Posh, Potty, Rampant Rabbit, Septic, Simple, Skids, Slapper, SloSucker, Snowy, Spex, Swallow, TinOpener, TT2, Zebedee, Ben Ralph, Keyna Garner, Kevin Ferguson, Far Canal.

The ‘You know it’ll be a long one’ Hash

Everyone was tapping their barometers this morning… was the pressure rising, was it falling? The main question was ‘Shall I wear 2 pairs of trousers over my tights or three?’ ‘Balaclava or Bobble Hat?’ Flash went in for the ‘I used to be a bank robber and now I’m a retired hasher’ look. Swallow was wearing her silk M&S thermals because if she did fall over and needed medical attention she was going to be seen at her best! What a bunch of wimps! Cheating was wearing two pairs of socks, sadly one pair was on his hands so I’m not sure if this is measure to stop him picking his nose or he had been eating some of the strong cheese that he keeps in his airing cupboard and brings out once a year to the Christmas hash? There was much stamping of feet and slapping of gloves against fleeces as everyone tried to kick start the circulation for what was obviously going to be a very long and hard run…. Two of the fastest athletes on the hash were laying the trail and to them half a marathon is a warm up.. which is just what we all needed today.

Of course there’s nothing like arriving in style and making the grand entrance which our latest Virgin did with style. Simple was ten minutes into the pre-hash ramble about goodness knows what, we were all amazed at Awol who was wearing the whitest shoes ever (he left his dirty ones at the coffee and cake hash, anyone find them?) and all of us desperate to get the blood moving when into the circle sweeps this large motor…. We all step back thinking it’s the pub’s owner when we realise Hitch is the passenger…well did that get tongues wagging and the circle to move or what? At last her ploy(t) to get more male members is working.. wonder if she found him at the bus stop or train station? Actually Kevin was v. charming and came to the rescue of the walkers when Minx and 3 horses had a bit of a face off… He can come again…..

The hares did a magnificent job of foxing the pack. After two loops (and they weren’t that short) the runners, having covered at least 3 miles, were still only 400 yards from the pub! We had a grand tour of the housing estate, including last night’s discarded bits of take-aways (mainly raw onion but the occasional chip) and managed to pack in 3 hills with splendid views of rolling countryside and the research centre… which funnily enough we could always just see out of the corner of our eyes.

Zebedee and TT2 enjoyed the hash so much they did it again, well according to Bomber anyway. Apparently they thought that was a warm up loop so did it again backwards…. Oh to be fit and healthy! It was great to get back to the pub which despite being up market and trendy made us very welcome and kept us supplied with refreshments and much needed warmth.

Woof woof – pp Hashgate who has had to go to warmer climes yet again…. Shame isn’t it?.

Down Downs

RA Iceman presented the following :-



Style points


New Shoes (he left his dirty ones in the hopes someone would clean them

I think he sank it well…. I was busy putting my snowshoes on

Nutty and Potty

Him for not know where his wife is when she is earning a salary

Her for never being in the Office to earn it

Once they chipped the ice off the pints you could see them turn blue as the beer went down

Pocha (and papoose Jack)

Birthday Gal on Wednesday

Despite Jack trying to catch the drips down in two as she suddenly wondered if sinking pints is compatible with a mother earth image… course it is, how else do children learn!

Kevin and Keyna


They had seen how it was done and didn’t disappoint, definitely hash material!


Another Birthday Gal

Obviously used to cocoa or ovaltine or some such warm liquid because she thought it was a bit cold…

Centaur and Dwight


(Scoot had a hockey match and besides thought minus four was just a tad cold)

Well Centaur would have down is sure and sound if he hadn’t been side-swiped… dribbled and failed to finish… as for Dwight, I think he needs to give up the marathons and practice more beer drinking, he’s too much of an athelete.

Up and Coming



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12 Dec


The Club Room, Recreation Ground, Frilsham, RG18 9XD

Flo and C5


19 Dec


The Badger’s Wood

Wolverton Road, Baughurst, RG26 5JH

Cabin Buoy, Old Dog and Hamlet

Don’t forget that the BH3 Christmas lunch is on January 16 at Thatcham Football Club. Tickets will be on sale just shortly; £10 for members, £12 for non-members.

It promises to be a glittering affair so get your wallets out and flash the cash!