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The Badger’s Wood,



Cabin Buoy, Hamlet

Old Dog

The didn’t they do well making it through the snow Hashers

AWOL, Bogbrush, Bomber, Nutty, Potty, Snowy, Iceman, Foghorn, Dumber, Septic, Fannybag, No Sole, Slapper, Spex, L&T, Posh, Motox, Doggy Stile, his brother ??(the good looking chap), their Dad Canoeist, Flo, Zebedee, Slackbladder, Little Stiffy, Maisie, Woodentop (If I have missed anyone apologies but its 7.45am and I need to get this to Iceman before he flies off somewhere hot for Christmas!!!)

The It’s Snowing on my Birthday, Yippeeee!!! Hash

I know a lot of people, having wiped the drool from the sides of their mouths, scratching the crusty sealing on their eye lids and gingerly peering from behind the curtains, took one look at the snow and freezing temperatures and said ‘I ain’t ‘ashing today mate.’ And staggered back under their duvets. Well what a treat they all missed!!!

It was f f f f f freezing but an excellent morning to be up at the crack making mulled wine and warming the mince pies…. Yep there I was in me candlewick stirring a bubbling mass of goo whilst CabinBuoy and Hamlet ambled round the trail at ‘stupid o’clock’ in the dark gloom of a cold and frosty morning. A lesson in being prepared the night before – if you are going to colour the flour don’t leave it till you start to lay the trail. The back of Cabin Buoy’s car looked like the whole of Tadley Rugby club and used it as an outside toilet…. Yes, the colour of the day was green!!

We started the proceedings off with Iceman’s new idea for a must see Saturday night show, formation/ice/strictly come parking. Him and Foggy did a 15 minute spin in the car park as they tidly and synchronically brought their cars to a neat side by side back flip piked somersault skid neatly parallel parkeing with Snowy (who by this time was turning a funny blue colour… of course they weren’t going to ‘scratch’ his nice clean shiny Audi!!)

Zero hour for departure was approaching and since He Who Shouts the Loudest was otherwise engaged Dumper took the helm to bring some order to the proceedings. The hares were running a little late so to keep the baying pack at bay (and warm) there was a lot of group hugging and shaking of hands and general chaos. Caneoist had decided to come along and show his offspring just how its done, but then since it’ll only be his 16th run I daresay the shoe is on the other foot really, but good try.

The pack finally ambled off hoping that the trail was on the nicely cleared tarmac rather than the soft but hard as ice underneath and crunchy ankle breaking tracks through the woods… and yes they were disappointed. Through the woods, in copses, across gallops and as far as the eye could see they were led up hill and down dale. No one has confessed to any ‘slip ups’ but Skinny Dipper lay down for King and Country and made a snow angel and all she got for her pains was Motox kicking snow over her! Not at all gentlemanly!!

But as with most trails there is a cunning plan and this one was to stop by Old Dog’s garage for a bit if m and m…. mulled wine and mince pies. By the way they were hugging the cups and stuffing the pies I think it was a welcome break (copyright acknowledged!!!) or will I get sued?????? It doesn’t have initial capitals so I should be ok….

By this time everyone had the scent of beer in their nostrils and so back to Badgers Wood at a brisk pace. Much merriment and chips was had by all (see what you missed!) and I had a great time!!!!

On On. It’s my birthday and I’’m still having to stand in for Hashgate.

Down Downs

RA Motos presented the following :-



Style points

Caneoist, Doggy Stile

And his brother

He’s a returnee,

He was wearing Shorts and Tee shirt (Yes!!! Shorts)

He was just there for the beer

Sadly he let the ‘oldies’ down and was beaten by the boys!

Old Dog


Birthday Duo

How do they manage to look so young


Saying she was surrounded by old people (whilst looking at

Flo in particular!)

Water!!!  Well it was warmer than the beer

Skinny Dipper

Having time to makeSnow angels and still keep up with the pack

No Dutch Courage needed there!


Tying Nutty up with a dog lead and also being caught flashing his stash to Spex!

Being a lager drinker you would have thought he liked his beer cold???

Loud and Tasteless

Ra abuse! Using Motox as a weight detector to see if the frozen ponds were ok to run across.

Taken on the chin!

Up and Coming



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New Year’s Day

11 am


Calleva Arms, Silchester

Live trail and walk

Motox and A N Other (will there by anyone sober??)