Hash 1727 26/12/2010

The Hares: Skidmarks and Simple


The brave few! Snowy, Potty, Nutty, Rainbow Warrior, Flash, Son of Flash, Dwight, Scoot, Mrs Dwight, Little Dwight, Motox, Foghorn, Dragon Lady, Dribbler, Madam Butterfly, Fannybag, Bogbrush, Aunty and Uncle Fannybag, AWOL, Hamlet, Maggs plus anyone else I forgot.

Boxing Day. What it heavens name were we thinking! After a day of drink, followed by food followed by drink followed by more food until we were all set to burst and then to get up early to set off and lay a live trail with temperatures a full 4 degrees below the point at which water freezes.

But that is what Hashing is all about. So your humble GM and his first lady set off with a plan in mind. In fact not one plan but two!

Plan A

To set a trail that wouldn’t be too long but would be enough to blow the cobwebs away with enough trickery and deviousness to ensure confusion whilst getting back to the pub before the FRB’s caught us.

Plan B

To make sure we had sufficient mobile phone signal and battery life to receive the “on back” call from Snowy if nobody turned up!

Oh why oh why did I doubt you?

The trail set out east across the road and then back again, bringing everyone back to within 20 yards of the start. By using the road through the nearby estate to avoid the icy paths we were able to bring the pack to a small wood, across another road and onto a footpath. Not so interesting thus far but wait. The footpath crossed a fairly ordinary field to a stile, which led into a second field.

This was no ordinary field. This was the Field Of Dreams, for as it was said in the film, “ If You Build It They Will Come”.

And come you did.

The reward was unbridled views across the valley all the way to Watership Down, with fields glistening white, a sky of ocean blue clarity and a crispness to the air that would make it the perfect Boxing Day

Thank you all of you that turned up.

Motox kindly stood as RA and the decision was taken to only reward the Hares.