Run Number: 1787


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Venue: Bell and Bottle

Hares: Iceman and Foggy

The Hashers

lots and lots of them, you know who you are

The Hash

We met up in the car park opposite the pub on a sunny but freezing cold morning. Lungs arrived in the

car park and promptly hit a dustbin. .I could understand if she was reversing but she drove in! I told the

RA about it and he said she was a bit of an old banger like her car!

While perusing the hash, it was quite a surprise to see a picture of Posh when she was quite young, we now

know why she wears no knickers.

Slapper arrived wearing a wonderful knitted jumper that Nosole had made him for Christmas. My god

she must really hate him! Iceman lived up to his name on this freezing morning by stripping off in the

car park, it’s a good thing I never had my breakfast!

We started out to find the trail with Nappyrash rubbing out checks and shouting on on when it wasn’t.

I dont think anyone can metamorphasise into Billy. there is only one Billy Bullshit ( thank god)

Nappyrash didn’t need to shout as the start was a bit of a mess. So many seasoned hashers going hither

and thither. No wonder our logo is a sheep.

So we wondered into the Shinfield Road the same way as the local 10k Race went with Desperate reminiscing

about the time she was driving the lead car. were she got to the T junction and turned right instead of left!

the runners followed like hashers and wondered why they took so long. The moral of the story is don’t

follow Desperate. Caught up with Potty and chatting away he told me he has a problem, he is a little limp

especially on a Sunday. Sort it out Nutty!

Wandered into Lower Earley and the pack was all over the place again. not surprising really as at one stage

I counted 5 blobs and a false. O.K I know there are no rules in hashing but that was a first!

Followed and ended up behind Whinge and a new girl. I kept behind them for a while and saw her yawning

a lot, obviously Whinge was telling her about his ailments “he has been ill you know” (yawn yawn) I don’t

think we will see her again!

I haven’t done many hashes laid by Iceman and always thought he was a pillar of the community but alas I

was wrong. He’s a lying git like the rest of them. Moral of the story - don’t always trust your judgment of


Arrived at the beer stop at Iceman’s house, Desperate was showing her ring off, commitment ring apparently!

never heard of it myself!!!!

Nice touch by Motocross who found a very classy shopping trolley (leopard skin) and duly presented it to

Mrs Iceman for manning the beer stop. Inside were a load of empties. What do you expect from Motocross?

Off we went sated! got to a park in and lo and behold I think I’m in the jungle (well it is Whitley) I look into

the distance and see Bomber astride an elephant and Flow astride a lion. Both neglected the camel and the poor

thing got the hump! By now we approached the foot bridges at J11 M4, Iceman had promised Desperate we

were going over them, she had always wanted to run over them so got very excited! Iceman knows how to treat

a girl. I have lived with desperate for years and have never got her so excited!

Arrived at the beer stop at Iceman’s house, Desperate was showing her ring off, commitment ring apparently!

never heard of it myself!!!!

Before the down downs C5 announced he was a babe magnet, more like a fridge magnet!

On On. Shitfor.

Down Downs

RA C5 presented the following :-



Style points

Mark and Angela

Returnees after 45 yrs

Mark ok, Angela very wobbley


His birthday

not bad for a 97 year old



well he has been he has been ill you know No ill effects, down in one

Nappyrash, Desperate and Shitfor

Valentine romance

Shitfor showed his commitment

by letting Desperate win,

unlike Nappyrash


Hash crash

Didn’t crash any beer


Mrs Icemans shopping trolley

glass was full unlike the ones in the trolley


Black eye for valentines Mother said love not lust

A shiner to the beer

Cereberus, Twanky and Slapper

Holding hands whilst crossing the road

(Twanky you were meant to let go of Slappers hand afterwards)
Cereberus said suck don’t blow Twanky

Iceman and Foggy


Iceman easy, Foggy slow and retiring