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The Six Bells

The Green, Beenham


Simple(Mr Cook) and

Potty(Not A Cook)

Sunny Faces

Simple, skids, potty,nutty,desperate,shitfor,spot,motox,dunny,rampant,messenger boy and copious amounts of other hashers.

The Hash

What a lovely morning for a hash, sunshine in abundance, hashers in abundance and no Slowsucker moaning about the trail. BLISS!

Off we went into the blazing March sun. Some of us sweating and some glowing depending on the sex.

The pack soon got spread out. Many falses, the 2 hares did quite well considering they are both part time cripples.

Awol sidled up to me and asking me if he could write the gob sheet! I said it was fine, he could do todays, he mulled it over and said perhaps another time as I’m dyslexic! And I replied “llew ko ebyam txen emit neht lawo.

The pack came upon some woods, very ordinary woods to most. Not to desperate who was waxing lyrical about the bluebells coming into bloom! I know she is easily pleased. Why do you think she lives with me?

Arrived at the regroup full of the joys of spring when suddenly a flood appeared closely followed by Blowjob out of the bushes, thank god the drought has finished!

There is a new race on the hash. It’s done by wearing a GPS, Dunny and Iceman were racing this week, Iceman won by 0.2 of a mile. Who next?

How do we know spring is in the air? The sound of Randy Mandy and Desperate cooing over some lambs…. But there is always one. Whinge shouting “ where is the mint sauce!

One sight you normally see on the hash is Motox. Not today! Apparently he got stuck in the v shaped stiles commonly known as the “fatmans agony”. Shame I hear you say above your sniggering!

I found out that Lemming had retired. Wondered if he was doing Monday night hashes as he could use his bus pass to get there! He doesn’t do badly for a 75 year old. P.s. he has a lovely carer called Mother


Sh*TFor (Acting Acting Temporary Unpaid Scribe)

Down downs


F’s are not checks

like his leg a bit limp



not bad for 70yrs


winner at the Grizzley in sex and age category

should stick to sex as she can’t drink!


where is the door to the pub? In front of you!

a bit retired


nice arse

saw the BOTTOM of the glass


Simple and Potting

good on the pissed!