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The Horns

Crazies Hill Wargrave


Very randy Mandy

Blind Pugh


Mother, Lemmin,Foggy,Messenger boy,bootsie and snuge(aka) lonley,Fanny,Bogbrush,Blowjob,Billy,Angela,Alison,Bumwipe,jonny walker,C5,Debbie Dorathy,Flow,The Two Hor nies,L and Tastless, old specs, old Fart,Iceman,Mark wade, Mrs Whippy,botox,Blobbies,No Sole,Slipper,Shandyman,Skinny Dipper,Zeb,Sarah,Barry jackson,Michael potts,Bill Mcarthy and AnneStaton



The Hash

                        What a beautiful day for Hashing, sunny but cold. For those of you that missed out on  this hash the pub  car park was a bit like driving on Chesil beach, a foot deep in shingel. Many a poor hasher got stuck!! it was ok for us men thoe!! Although when lemming stepped down from his car his pebble like head was the only thing remaining. Some were streching while Fanny tried franticly to set her GPS, Twisting and turning till she got the right signal ( you have got to turn it on first whisperd Bogbrush) The hares promissed us a good trail and so it was, at the first check Motox went wrong, only for him to follow Billy at the second which was wrong(wheres the flour he grunted ) we seem to have lost it , I said ,! it must be here somwhere he responded, so I left him there like a pig looking for Truffles , so the whiley old fox was out witted by a couple of young cubs!!!

Mud Mud glorious Mud, there was plenty of it and the only one who seemed to enjoy it was Lucy! Messenger boys dog!

There was plenty of huffing and puffing as we climbed hill after hill so it was quiet plesant to find a RG at the top, .      Legs where whobbling lungs were bursting ,dogs where lying down ,      ,Then the fresh faced Blind Poo anounced with a big grin ,  theres a nice long one(skinny said where!! ) and lovely medium run.!          “New bike man”  Zeb flew out of the trapps for the long run ,  while those still short of oxygen took the “medium”  I followed the Zeb, we came to a check with two lurring decents ,zeb on his own , went left,     while all the wise ones came right , well more mud but this mud was grade 1 mud, as we shimmed and slipped I looked back to see what was remanisant of Dancing on ice,     Slipper and Iceman were in unison with each other sliding left then right, finally meeting each other head on,           With a little cuddle and a hand shake they resumed there macho images.     While all this was going on Lemmin was giving poor old Mother a mud shampoo! (I washed my hair last night she said, and we have not got any more free samples at home!                                                      As we rounded the dissused toxic waste pit the stench was very pungent, the fox that crossed our path didnt seem to mind, maybe thats why they smell like that!!


We at last reached tarmac, the glorious ON INN was to be seen ,as was poor Shandy man who was doing pram duties, he had been miss led by the hares craft work in the other direction with false checks along the road , no flour just circles in the road!! how he fitted in that pram with grandson pushing I will never know!!

Round of applause for the people who pushed Bum wipes car ,wich had a flat battery ,and thanks go to Jonnie walker who sat in it because he forgot his shoes

Many thanks to our Hares, lets hope they come up with something just as good shortly!!

And dont forget to wash your shoes, they will glow in the dark!!

Hope our scribe who has gone on a curry course in India realises that a “Popadom” is not a sex barrier.

On On.  Yourname. BILLYGATE

Down Downs

Flow, looking for young men, Foggy and Lemmin.     Downed  quickly well done!!

Bootsie,  Slipper,    Swingers    Downed slowly.

Iceman,   the swimmer         well gulped !!

Hares:  Blind Pugh.   Very randy Mandy.


Who Got It

Why and How They Did


Getting very lost on way to Hash (he used to be a bloody pilot in the war!)


Not following flour,     Downed  skillfully !!    

Up and Coming



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