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1865 19Aug13


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The Maltsters Arms

Rotherfield Greys


OldFart, Itsyor

The Pack

Desperate Shitfor Donut Hashgate Cerberus BillyBullshit BlindPew Iceman Booby Spot Ms Whiplash Steamer Nappyrash Whinge TC Foghorn Caboose Pyro and dog Bumwiper and dog Ebony Spex LoudonTasteless Slapper Swallow Slowsucker Shandyman Chopstix Dunny Rampant Mr Blobby Mrs Blobby Utopia C5 Hotlips Lonely Laura Motox Florence Zebedee Twanky Blowjob Horny Uplift Dorothy

A Hole Lot of Hashing

Surprising really, the number of people who managed to get to tonight’s venue. Various agencies with mole-oriented agendas have sagaciously decided to dig up roads in the area. Nearby Peppard, the main Caversham Road in Reading (nice one guys, it’s Rock Festival weekend) and right next to the pub - a glorious subterranean excavation that should have had an entire colony of rabbits standing by it on one side holding their paws up in delighted amazement and a struggling mass of anti-frackers and police on the other. Not only that, but Itsyor advised me that OldFart was desperate to ensure the Trail went through Fairy Hole, a dingly-dellish area of outstanding beauty. He may have achieved his nirvana but I’m darned if I know where it was since there was an awful lot of dingling and delling in this perfectly beautiful countryside.

Good to see a couple of returnees tonight. Billy was back after being hospitalized (what a lovely word) for causing advanced irritation among the general population and Steamer was back… after rather a long absence. In addition, Laura, Lonely’s daughter appeared, looking a lot fitter than the rest of us. Though she finished later with a slightly harrassed look after Shitfor had serenaded her in the forest with his rendition of “Tell Laura I Love her”, the old Ray Peterson hit… and the new Shitfor turkey. Shandyman and OldFart’s vain attempts to catch our attention at the Gather Round with fascinating facts about 1865 (the number of tonight’s run), we ambled On Out towards the first of those big fields. Our Hares had laid a tantalising Trail, a malt-teaser if you will, that included a Fish-Hook. Those who require a little enlightenment into the purpose of Fish Hooks should be advised that this is a hook-shaped (no surprise there) flour mark with a number n against it. The first n Hashers have to run all the way to the back of the Pack before turning once again in the right direction. Tonight n equalled 6 and Slowsucker, Mr Blobby, NappyRash, Lonely, Laura and a.n. other had the pleasure of the Fish Hook’s doubtful charm.

Apart from finding OldFart sitting on a log at the Long and Short split (like a fairy on a bole?) not that much else happened. The trails through the woods were delightful and the dusk began to fall like a translucent cloak around us (which, I understand, caused Florence to Hash Crash spectacularly, the shock waves from which forced  emerging nocturnal creatures to stop mid-yawn and bolt back into their setts, earths and burrows – all holes in the ground tonight, isn’t it?).

As we approached and then entered the grounds of Greys Court Uplift tramped on with unremitting tenacity. Like Juggernaut in X-Men the lass was inexorable, never-stopping. Up hill, down the road, through the valley, up the other blasted hill her approach was relentless. I can only assume Duracell batteries played a part J.

Just after that we caught up with Dorothy, Shandyman and Twanky (how’d dat happen?) we turned into the road that led to the pub that contained the extension to the Piccadilly Line.

In the sky the luminous, full moon floated quietly in the deepening blue sky, veiled coquettishly by a pink and grey cloud. The evening was quiet and peaceful. The greens of the hedgerows were lush and darkling. This country can be quite wonderful.

On On.  Hashgate.

Down Downs

Who Got It

Why and How They Did


Getting lost on the way  to the pub


Shutting a gate in the face of his daughter – what a gentleman!


Unable to tell the difference between an owl hoot and a call of “On On”

Ms Whiplash

Being best Girl Guide by bringing her (necessary) torch


Insisting she could run through an ‘F’ because it stood for ‘Florence’

OldFart, Itsyor

The Hares who laid tonight’s excellent Trail



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The Swan
Station Road
RG19 4QL
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Berkshire Hash House Harriers AGM 2013
Frilsham Village Hall
Hatcher’s Lane, 
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