Berkshire Hash House Harriers 



Run Number:

1869 15 Sep13


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The Plough
Little London


C5, Mr Blobby, Minx

Early Risers

Iceman Spex LoudonTasteless Shandyman Slapper NoSole Motox Steamer Booby SkinnyDipper Snowballs Mrs Blobby Spot Ms Whiplash Flash (for the beer) OldDog Dunny Rampant Rabbit Glittertits PQ Mother Lemming Mudwoman

Visitors: Grandson of Lemming, Helmet, Prickle Magnet, Salome and Steamer

Daughter and grandchildren of C5


Not Wanted

You know it is going to be one of those days when you arrive at the pub and there is a barricade of barrels surrounding it.  Either the landlord was expecting the delivery lorry to use the scoop and go method to collect the empties or he didn’t want us to park near the pub.  Having parked and hiked (latest public spirited effort to get car drivers to exercise) back to the pub we found two forlorn hares feeling the wrath of Motorcross’s tongue.  ‘Doesn’t he want us to buy any beer then?’ he shouted as he sped off.  It seems that the landlord of the Plough had double booked and a wedding party was getting the red carpet.

We all mustered round trying to stand on a patch of ground 3ft x 3ft whilst Shandyman greeted us on our first Sunday hash of the new term.  Lemming’s grandson was champing at the bit (with his big ball) to get the show moving and we all sidled furtively back as we knew we had no chance of keeping up with him.  Plays football, rugby and basketball as well as beats up his little brother and Lemming.

C5 shot off with the runners and Mr B said the rest of us could rumble about on the walking/short trail.  He had planned a regroup so all trails could be mixed and matched.  Lovely!  The rain started and we all sighed that yes it was going to be one of those trails! 

I can’t really tell you what happened on the long runners’ trail although we did see/hear them occasionally as they sped about the woods checking it out.  We (the walkers and stumblers) stayed close to Mr B, with good reason.  There seemed to be a distinct lack of blobs and checks and bars…. Despite having been laid first thing that morning.  It seems someone had been clearing the woods of all the flour our heroic hares had laid and poor Mr Blobby spent most of his time darting hither and thither trying to re-lay all the trails as he tried to keep us shorties on track.   At one point Mr B did a graceful nose dive trying to do three things at once.  Fortunately Minx stopped and went back to lick his face to make sure he was ok.  Dogs can be very useful you know.

The rain had held off, the long runners had managed, despite the absence of flour, to find the trail and we all ended up back at the pub only to find that Lilo Lil, having just got back from her hols and anxious to collect Minx, had had a bit of a barney with the landlord as he told her, rather belligerently, not to park at the pub.  Suffice to say that we all drove off to the Calleva Arms.

It can only get better!

On On.  Anon.

Down Downs

Come back S**for, all is forgiven!  L&T spent all the hash funds and more on the beer and then spent the next 3 hours telling us about it.  So good was his blarney that Steamer (followed by many others) dug deep in his shorts and pulled out his last farthing to help bolster the hash funds and to shut him up.


Down Down action

Mudwoman – Whilst walking out this morning, came across some flour (surprisingly) and guessed where we were running and what pub we would be at.  Good detective work

Mother – New shoes – boasting she could walk in the stream as she was wearing her new Gortex waterproof shoes!!

Skinny – for being a swinger – couldn’t resist the home made swing dangling in the woods

Booby, Slapper and Dunny – couldn’t resist playing on the see-saw in the woods – guess who sat on their own?

Aiden – Champion running by Lemming’s grandson – wonder who he takes after?

Visitors – Prickle Magnet and Helmet – Good sports for smiling whilst L&T sang a very rude song!

L&T – gave himself a down down – not sure quite why except he spent more than we took so Skinny was giving him a particular hard stare

Hares – C5 and Mr B – for laying a great trail, loadsa woods, loadsa twists and turns and sadly no flour

Up and Coming



Grid Reference




29 Sep13
* Sunday *
* 11:00 *


Away Hash with Herts H3
The Robin Hood
1 Brook Street,
Tring HP23 5ED
Stay Saturday night and join the pub crawl !!,




06 Oct13
* Sunday *
* 11:00 *


The New Inn

Rowan Road, Tadley RG26 3RG

Old Dog