Berkshire Hash House Harriers 



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1870 22 Sep13


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The Bird in Hand
Little Sandhurst


Full Frontal, BGB

They never learn

Iceman Spex Loud and Tasteless Slapper NoSole Motox SkinnyDipper Mr Blobby Mrs Blobby OldDog Mother Lemming Awol Dumper Itsyor Lungs Messenger Boy Nappy Rash Nearly Twice Wave Rider

Returnees: Trembler and Knee Trembler. Virgin: Dayna

NH4 – No idea how many or their names but they joined in and were a good crowd

We should have stayed in bed

Why don’t we ever learn to read the run sheet and remember what happened the last time?  Remember the pub?  No parking except in front of residents’ houses – i.e. verbal abuse as they have family coming to Sunday Lunch.  Remember the hare?  BGB – i.e. minimal if any flour, no sweeping and no guidance for stragglers who can’t keep up. No don’t get me wrong, I’m not moaning, nor whingeing after all there are no rules but it was with sinking heart and that silent accepting shrug of the shoulders that we all gathered round for words of wisdom from ‘El Presidentee’. Net curtains were twitching, loud ‘tsk tsks’ from passers by, Messenger Boy being threatened to dare leave his bike parked on a public road.. gulp.  With stiff upper lip we greeted NH4 (almost as many as us, including Non Stick and Cloggs) and said  a warm welcome to Trembler and Knee Trembler.  At least it was warm and dry…

So with a leap and a shout of joy the pack sped off in haste to try and find any trace of flour.  Thankfully Full Frontal had put some down but it soon became apparent that as usual BGB had weighed out 260 grams and only used half to lay the trail!!

Sadly since I’m still not up to speed I can only mis-quote what happened on the run.  Someone pushed over Lemming so he had to limp/stagger round with Dumper.  Somehow they managed to end up in Crowthorne.  Fortunately both were carrying their bus passes so had a jolly trip back to the pub whilst the rest of the pack gazed numbly round lifting acorns to see if they were covering the flour.  The trail did skirt round a well known local institution for the unusually gifted but Motox was adamant he didn’t want to go in there.

Trembler was masterful, as always, taking charge of the walker map and led us thankfully through some lovely countryside that was occasionally dotted with the odd sprinkle of white stuff. We sometimes heard plaintiff wails of ‘is anyone there?’ and could only hope that they might hear our uplifting cries of ‘follow the sun’.

Awol was beside himself.  He was (so I’m told) shattered by the end of the run.  Poor soul had thought he was FRBing but when he discovered that no-one had followed him to Bracknell he decided that perhaps a gps might be a good investment after all.

How we didn’t lose anyone still remains a mystery but like bad pennies, hashers always turn up.

Point of note for Hare Razor though.  There was a lot of verbal abuse and unrest from the natives about us not only parking in the roads but the state of undress when we got back so perhaps we should issue car curtains and changing bags to protect the innocent from what lies ahead when you punish your body with exercise and excessive alcohol!

On On.  Anon.

Down Downs

Come back S**for, all is forgiven!  Although having said that L&T only spent 75% of hash funds on the beer having towered over the NH4 RA demanding half the cash for the beers or he would talk for 3 hours (which he did anyway).


Food for thought

NH4 had made a fabulous 60th birthday cake (even the numbers that decorated the sides and top were hand made) and boy were they tasty.  Hats off and three cheers to them, what a feast AND Full Frontal was dishing out an equally chocolatey, gooey, huge cake (what for I’ve no idea) but it did much to soothe away the trauma of angry residents and no obvious flour trail.  Well done to the cake providers – works every time!

Down Down action

Motox – for being President

Dayna – for being a Road Running Virgin (but keen) and only drinking water

Lemming and Cloggs – for debating the efficacy of a beer diet for keeping the brain young (what brain?)

Sylvia Fox (NH4) – something about being a lone survivor on a distant horizon and someone wanting to take a pot shot at him – poor man he was lost and alone and doing his best to be a guiding light on the sky line!

Flying Doctor – for needing the excuse of running and getting hot so she could dis-robe in the woods

No Sole – for being prepared – she brought a magnifying glass (to detect flour sprinkles) and a book to read when she got bored waiting on people finding the trail

Itsyor – For walking home, showering, putting the dinner in the oven and walking back to the pub in time for down downs and a chat – where was our invitation to lunch then??

Hares – BGB and Full Frontal – well done that girl for trying to rectify and save the day!

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06 Oct13
* Sunday *
* 11:00 *


The New Inn

Rowan Road, Tadley RG26 3RG

Old Dog



13 Oct13




The Four Horseshoes
Main Street,
Checkendon RG8 0QS