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1879 12 Nov 13


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The Rose


Booby and Zebedee

The woebegone who can’t believe its that long!

Iceman Slapper NoSole Motox SkinnyDipper Mr Blobby Mrs Blobby OldDog Mother Lemming Awol Dumper Messenger Boy 3 Visitors Billy Cerberus Flo C5 Bomber Posh Desperate Shitfor TT2 Foggy (and probably a few more I missed, sorry age does that to one’s memory)

Yes it was that long but I was ok Jack

Why don’t we ever learn to read the run sheet and remember what happened the last time? Zeb and Booby = ponytails and tons of flour = 20 mile trudge!  Anyway can’t tell you what happened on the run as I wasn’t running but from the gasps, sighs and trails of blood, sweat and tears it was long and arduous.  Much could be said of the walk.  A select group, if I may say so, who went off at a decided lick having been tipped the wink by a hare.  Mmmm never believe a hasher.  Having tried to decipher the map which had a lovely dark line denoting the trail but infinitesimally small print no-one could work out a) where we were going and more importantly b) where we actually started from.  With usual confidence Billy kept pointing and saying this way and Cerberus and the rest marched in the other direction…. Good Call!  It was obvious we had all lost the plot and the will to live so ended up in the Rugby club house drinking hot coffee and watching the Under 17 rugby chaps knocking six bells out of each other.  Sadly none of them had to change shorts and shirts but it was a great way to keep warm and entertained.  After about half an hour we felt duty bound to leave since none of had any real reason to be there (bacon butties looked good though!)  We headed off across the park (hockey, football, rugby you name it they were playing it until we stumbled across a really challenging golf course.  I have never seen blue water on golf courses so my first thought was someone had dropped a LOO BLOO or perhaps spilt the screen wash bottle but it turned out to be all part of the feature.  We stopped to stare at a dad showing his sons how to stroke the ball and sink it in one.  Aha we thought, you have to get over the water hazard and do a dog leg….. we all gasped as he deliberately flipped it into the water.  Obviously doing the real dad thing to make it easy for the boys but lo a veritable miracle – after about a minute the ball was sort of spat out of the rushing water, slid down some grating and rolled directly to the hole!!!  Crazy or what…. Definitely recommend anyone to take young junior to Brayswick gardens for a spot of golf and some good fun.

It was getting cold and the beer (and buffet) was calling so we high-tailed it back to the pub.  Once ensconced and slurping contentedly we watched the tired, run down and out crawl back just as the rain started.  Excellent day!

On On.  Anon.

Down Downs

Can’t really remember what happened as I didn’t take notes but several harriets got hauled up for some feeble excuse

Awol got done for displaying 70% off (was it for his shorts or what???)

Up and Coming



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08 Dec 13


The Horn

Crazies Hill, RG10 8LY

Blind Pugh

Randy Mandy


15 Dec 13


The Moat House

Mill Lane Sindlesham

RG41 5DG