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Happy Hashers

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Happy New Year Hash

There’s nothing quite like a Hash on New Year’s Day to clear out the cobwebs and dissipate the hangover though from MessengerBoy’s dishevelled, unshaved condition and his disclosure that he had been carousing ‘til the third cock it seemed it might take longer with some people than others.

The council, in its infinite sagacity, had decided to lock the gates to the main car park next to the playground, thus contributing massively to road safety by forcing people to park all the way along the verge adjoining Silchester Common. Dodging the traffic, we gathered in the lee of The Calleva Arms, enjoying the unexpected sunshine and blue skies after days of dismal weather and curtains of rain. Motox gave us a brief, eloquent and compelling speech of welcome, bade us, on Hare Hamlet’s behalf to kick out the Checks and we were on our way. At least for a bit. We trotted joyously (apart from MessengerBoy) across the Common, entered the heath… and stopped dead. All traces of flour had disappeared. The place where we had entered was awash with water and mud. Those who went off checking splashed and sploshed forward and back. Those who waited for the “On On” call sank slowly into the ooze. Luckily for them, just as it reached the laces of their trainers and threatened to suck them down in a muddy embrace the call came and we waded off with as much speed as we could muster in order to counter the toe-whitening coldness.

This being a ‘live’ Trail there were no Falses so as soon as the first blob of flour was found after a Check we were off. For those who were not FRBing this meant that the Hash was virtually non-stop and most of the Pack chugged and huffed along breathlessly. Since we were strung out (in more than one way) and running, conversation was down to a minimum though one brief chat I had with Bogbrush is worth recording. We had noted the volume of running water everywhere during the past few days and Slapper (I believe) mentioned how good it would be if we could harness the flow. Bogbrush sniggered naughtily at the thought of Flo being harnessed and I must admit I had a quick vision of the dear girl with the bit between her teeth hauling a large wheeled trap and whinnying lightly.

The rest of the Trail passed in a mud-soaked, brown blur. We were covered. It was almost impossible to run straight. It would have been great to film our staggering. Then play it back twice as fast in Benny Hill style.

Eventually, we slopped our way out on to the side road by the Common and blinked gratefully at the ‘On Inn’ sign before thanking Hamlet who was standing by a car and chatting to other mudlarks. The lad had laid a fine Trail and we wished him a hearty “Happy New Year!”

On On.  Hashgate.

Down Downs

None today, though Whinge (even suffering from man flu as he was) boosted the BH3 reserves by collecting Tick as well as as many annual subs as he could. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the amazing benefits of membership (cheap holidays in the Maldives, night out with Tom Cruise or Anne Hathaway – depending on your preference) then just fill in a membership form and slip it and a crisp tenner into Whinge or TC’s eager paw and gasp as the latter disappears faster than a national defecit forecast by George Osborne.

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“Winter Warmer Soup Run”
The Victory Room (Not the other Hall)
Bucklebury Village RG7 6PN
(Please bring your own booze + glass + £2 tick)

Skids birthday run with Nutty




The Three Horseshoes
Brimpton Lane, Brimpton RG7 4TL
Park in hairdressers opposite

Messenger Boy, Carloss & Debbie