Royal Berkshire Hash House Harriers
'A drinking club with a running problem'

We run on Sundays (Winter) and Mondays (Summer) from various pubs in the Berkshire area. Everyone welcome.

Hares wanted! See Dumber our new Hare Razor. See  Forthcoming Runs for details.

Laying a Hash for BH3 must be fun, sometimes it seems the Hares don't  want to stop.. See the latest Gobsheet

Next Bash
SATURDAY 13th OCTOBER The Bull Streatley Reading RG8 9JJ See Chris for details.

Hashers who "Lunch" Next Hash Thursday September 13th.Start Bell Street Car Park (Free parking), Bell Street, Whitchurch, RG28 7BU Onto: White Hart Hotel, Newbury Street, Whitchurch, RG28 7DN. - See Mr Blobby.for details

BH3 Runners and Riders (up to the 2018 AGM - Run 2128, 2nd September 2018) A list of people (and Hashers too!) who have hashed with the Berkshire Hash House Harriers in recent years, together with the number of runs they were foolish enough to partake in, may now be found by clicking Run Details on the left. (All comments to Florence and C5)
Note :- Some settling of contents may have occurred in transit. May contain nuts

HASH Laying
Haven't a clue how to lay a hash? No idea what these funny white things on the ground mean? Offer to lay a hash immediately. Alternatively read ShutupWally's Hare Hints first, if you still can't get it right you will be sent on the three day course. Remember the First Rule of Hashing - There are no rules


BH3 goes ON and ON


Krakow Euro Hash 2015 Pictures
Some pictures by Full Frontal here.

The valuable BH3 t-shirt collection has finally been put on display. Each garment has been removed from the temperature and humidity controlled storage and lovingly un-wrapped from the enclosing acid free tissue paper. The finest physical specimens from among the BH3 hashers were then selected as models. Every BH3 t-shirt ever produced during the last 30 years was then photographed in stunning detail and luscious colours to allow us to present  BH3 - T-Shirts Through the Ages.

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Red Dress Run 2017
Over 650 was raised.  See pictures on the Facebook Page BH3 Facebook.

Photos from Cyprus
There are lots of potos from the Cyprus Hash & a Half on the BH3 Facebook Page.

SUBSCRIPTIONS 2018 Subscriptions are now due!
For only 10, paid annually, you will receive membership to BH3 (Berkshire Hash House Harriers) entitling you to subsidised entry to various Hash events throughout the year and a "Tick" of 1.00 when you attend a Hash. For non members "Tick" will cost you 1.50 per Hash.Just fill in the form (also in Word or PDF) and hand it over with your cash to Florence or C5.

Fun Run 9th July 2018 Results

The results as supplied by Slapper are here. (With winner's photos!) For those who are still basking in past glories, previous results are here 20082009, 2010 , 2011, 2012, 2013
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

Hash Movie!
Jwax has made an excellent film on Hashing which can be found here And another on the NH2009 hats and whip party

Tick Alert
Two new species of tick have been found in Berkshire. Florence or C5 will now be extracting your blood cash after each hash.
Ticks are nasty little blood sucking creatures that may give you Lyme Disease. Apparently they are prevalent in Berkshire and frequent the same sorts of places as hashers (except pubs).