Berkshire Hash House Harriers (BH3) Subscription – 2024

Your subscription for 2024 - at the incredible price of only £10 - is now due. It covers the whole year from January to December 2024.

Please fill in and sign the form below and hand it to C5 or Flo.

Payment methods:

1. Bank transfer to the Berks Hash House Harriers (Do NOT use OLD bank account!)

account sort code 23-05-80 number 42685356 with reference your name subs

2. Cash


Hash Name:


Home Phone:


Post Code:

E-mail address:

DoB. We don’t need the year!

NB Only members who pay the annual subscription are entitled to any subsidy of BH3 events.

Liability Waiver

Neither the organising committee of The Berkshire Hash House Harriers nor their officers accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury, howsoever caused, sustained by any participant in a Berkshire Hash House Harrier event.

Participants undertake all activities connected with The Berkshire Hash House Harriers entirely at their own risk. By joining as members they expressly waive their right to pursue any of the above in respect of any loss, damage or injury incurred whilst travelling to or from or participating in any Berkshire Hash House Harrier event.

Please sign to confirm acceptance of these conditions


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